Happy Mother's Day 2012

星期日, 五月 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day ! 
I love You Mummy!
I Love You! 我爱你!
Check Out How I Celebrate My Mother's Day this year!!

Thanks Bella NTV7Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre
Giving Mummy @ Special Luxury Treatment
Crystal Clear Package worth RM1,790.00

Thanks Newskaki.com
Watching 影子爱人 @ Viva Home

Thanks Dear Dear for Treating Mummy
a Great Shabu Shabu Dinner @ Kuchai Lama

Thank You Rebecca & KLM
a Bouquet of Tulips @ Sungei Wang

I transformed the hand bouquet of tulips to
A vase full with tulips
~ Nice ??~
Thank You Mummy For Everything!
I Love You! 我爱你!

~ Happy Mother Day to
All the Mothers around the world! ~ 

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8 评论

  1. hahaha your mum sure very happy with all those! =D

  2. Thanks Henry Tan!
    My Mummy very happy with the arrangement :)

  3. Happy mothers day to all the mothers in the world. :D

  4. waa! so nice the flowers!! congratz on winning the competition! :D

  5. Happy Mother Day 2012~ have a nice day ~ =)

    http://www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  6. Wow the transformation of the tulips are beautiful! =D
    i was planning to take to florist and ask for some additional decor and wrapping for my tulips but the charges were so freaking expensive =/
    therefore i just bought some ribbons from Daiso =D haha...

  7. Thanks Michelle!
    Happy Mother's Day to U !
    Ya, IT is quite plain for a bouquet of tulips, i re-create another look for the flower.

  8. Happy Mother's Day to Kelvin Tan, Mr. Lonely & Xue Ren's Mother~