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星期五, 七月 02, 2010

Another Great Product i bought from Aishop Online Shopping Store!

Braphy Vibrating Mascara (Great Lengthening, Super Curl!)

Yes I do need a mascara for my short lashes.
and i found this Braphy Mascara with vibrating motion.
with only RM45 each mascara.
grab it before out of stock!

Oh No, this two mascara was in my wishlist before.
(but they are too costly for me!)
As of the flyer, with the braphy vibrating mascara.
you can get a long, curl, volume lashes with few stroke !

Here are my picture show that my lashes are longer, visible and thicker
it is without any eyelashes curler somemore!
(click to enlarger)

Product Braphy: Vibrate Mascara
Brand Braphy
Capacity 7ml
Best Effect Create high volume and great length eyelashes
More Effects
As the electric mascara will generate ultra high-speed pulse rate, it brushes out every single tiny eyelashes, and no agglomeration of problem. Usage is very simple, smoothly brush from stud to tip will do. For most people, after 2 times apply of the electric mascara brush effect is can be clearly seen.
Suitable Skin Type Suitable for all Skin Type
Do Take Note
1. Keep at cooling place.
2. If find unwell while use, stop immediately and seek doctor advice.
3. Not edible. Keep away from kids and baby

Taiwan Famous Beauty TV Show "Lady First 女人我最大" Strongly Recommended
【Braphy Vibrate Mascara

Water and Sweat Resistant, no technique needed, instant curling effect!!

How to use:
1. Press the button on the cap top for vibration
2. Sip appropriate amount of mascara, apply from lash root to lash tip gently

How to start:
Press button on cap top to start vibration

Sustainable usage:
The power to maintain approximately 3 hours

Normal usage:
The power can be maintained at about 5 to 6 months


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