Give Me 10 Sec, I'll Give You The Joy of Life!

As Everybody knows how good is bird nest's benefit
such as stimulating the regeneration of cells, strengthening our immune and respiratory system
as well as improving the performance of our internal organs!
The MOST Important beauty benefit that all ladies knows is its ability to rejuvenate cells. promoting smooth, radiant and youthful skin in long run !
But if thinking about time-consuming to prepare it.
then FORGET about it!

Halloween 2016 - Spooky Tunnel At GamudaWalk

Do You Know there is a Spooky Tunnel at Shah Alam!
OMG! SomeThing Spooky Is Happening Now!!!!!
Let's Explore and See!

A Women’s Journey Through Health with Menarini


Foolproof Travel Hacks for Anyone on a Budget

Malaysians unashamedly love to travel and we’re not afraid to spend a large portion of our money on our travel goals. We’re always on the lookout for that next destination, cheaper flights and timing our holidays perfectly so they coincide with public holidays over long weekends.
To help you travel smart, here are some money saving travel tips to stretch each RM that little bit further.

Hot Mama Transformation at POP! by Jaya One

I well spent my Sunday with pretty fashionista bloggers & lucky shoppers at POP! by Jaya One
Pop by Jaya One is a very great place to do your shopping from head to toe,
from kid to adult , from apparel to food!
there are from different vendors, I think most of the vendors have their own styles to do mix and match!