Friday, October 10, 2014

Fashion Culture Box - October Special: Pink Series

Today I am going to share with you all another Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign / Promo in town by Fashion Culture Box !

Pink is a colour that reminds us the joy of being a girl. In conjunction with breast cancer awareness month, this Pink Series box is dedicated to our female subscribers. Here’s to remind all of us that breast cancer can affect anyone regardless of age, race or individual lifestyle.
This box consist of fashion items with different shades of pink. Besides pushing the message on breast cancer awareness, this box will be curated with a girly touch in mind. This is a fashion box that Barbie will definitely approve of.An exclusive Pink Ribbon pin from Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia will be included in this special box.RM2 from the sale of this box will be donated to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia.

ANOTHER HIGHLIGHT from Fashion Culture Box's Facebook !

[Sneak Peek] You won't believe what we will be featuring in our Pink Series fashion box. A DRESS!!! Yes, we will be featuring a 1960's shift dress in pink. All the dresses are free size and there are a few different designs so you won't receive the same thing that the others have.

Fast! Fast! Grab Your Pink Series Box Here!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Weekend Outing : Star Wars Reads Day at Kinokuniya, KLCC

Be a part of the first ever Star Wars Reads event in Malaysia, held from 12pm onwards at:

Kinokuniya, Level 4, Suria KLCC (Saturday, 11 October)

Hosted by the Star Wars Malaysia Fan Club (SWMFC), Star Wars Reads is a global literacy and reading awareness event that started in 2012 using Star Wars publications as a platform to engage readers of all ages.

Catch book readings with ‘Yoda’ and much more, including a live painting session with award-winning character design artist Tintoy Chuo (creator of Peperangan Bintang Wayang Kulit), book promotions, and costumed character appearances.

And there’s plenty of action for adult fans too, from intense literary discussions on Star Wars canon by fans to a live demonstration of Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) Star Wars X-Wing!

Attendance is absolutely free! Find out more about Star Wars Reads Day at and        http://www,

12.00pm                    Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) X-Wing Game Demonstration
1:00pm - 2:00pm    Literary Discussion: Canon vs. Legends and its impact on Star Wars
2:00pm                      Costume Appearances
2:00pm - 3:00pm    Book Reading with “Yoda” 

*Book Reading for Adults (William Shakespeare’s Star Wars by Ian Doescher)
*Book Reading for Children (A New Hero by Pablo Hidalgo)

3pm                           Live Painting with Tintoy Chuo

Ongoing Activities:

Promotions for Star Wars books by Kinokuniya
Membership Drive by the Star Wars Malaysia Fan Club 
FFG X-Wing Tabletop game demonstrations

About Star Wars Reads
Star Wars Reads Day is an international event that celebrates reading and Star Wars. It was launched in 2012 by Lucasfilm and its publishing partners — Abrams, Chronicle Books, Dark Horse, Del Rey, DK Publishing, Klutz, Random House Audio, Scholastic, and Workman Publishing. Last year, Quirk Books joined the fun, and we’re excited to have Disney Book Group participate this year.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


ZALORA developed the marketplace platform and introduced it to merchants 
on the 26th of April 2014. It was especially designed to help emerging fashion 
businesses such as blogshops, boutiques and upcoming designers to 
showcase their designs and products to the whole of Malaysia. Since its 
introduction the Marketplace platform has already showcased more than 100 
local labels to ZALORA’s ever-growing customer base. Some of the existing 
merchants from Marketplace showcased their collections at the event, giving 
media and guests a sneak preview of what they may find on 

Selected brands featured on the runway included: Hi Style, MilkTee, 
Starroom, Coccha, Nunfish, Covetz, POPculture, Lovemartini and Earth Heir 
for women’s wear; Azzara Cottons, Muslimah Clothing Couture and 
Closetheart for the Muslimah line; Posse and Hi Style for men’s; and Paku, 
Luccacal, 2553, Dosscaps, VSoft and Chenta Watie Scarf for Accessories. 

Brand - Coccha
(whoever love bohemian style will love this brand, the style more to earth color tone)

Brand - Nunfish
This brand offer a lot of dresses that affortable and stylish

Brand - Paku
(Personalised Accessories Ku,
Focus on the chunky Clutch that model holding 

Brand - PopCulture
The handbag is make from Wood Cork

Brand - Love Martini

Brand - Covetz.
Looking for bridemaids dress? Here you go!

Brand - Azzara Cottons

Check Out More Brands at Zalora's Marketplace

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

#throwback - Hangout with Lisa Surihani - The Body Shop

Lisa Surihani is the new spoke person for The Body Shop Moisture white Shiso Range.
(from BA's introduction, I interested with their cleansing powder that act as face scrub)
The Body Shop Malaysia had organised a meet and greet session with Lisa in KLCC and Johor.

 I enjoy my day that hangout with Lisa Surihani.
as she is really friendly in person and I just realised we having the same camera model in PINK Color
hope I have a flawless skin like her., must start using The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Range.

For More Info.
Shop Here!

Friday, October 3, 2014


 在忙婚礼的当儿,工作上又有大计划,所以就把我心爱的“恶魔婷婷” 搁置一旁了。