FREE C-Jello Collagen Jelly Bar worth RM289,000 to be given away!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

FREE C-Jello Collagen Jelly Bar worth RM289,000 to be given away!!

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Date:1st of April till 30th of April 2015

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Oral-B UltraThin toothbrush - Giveaway

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The new Oral-B UltraThin toothbrush has 100% finely tapered 0.01mm ultra thin bristles to ensure 

double precision for deep cleaning, while a small 25mm head reaches the molar area for thorough 

cleaning. The new Oral-B UltraThin toothbrush is clinically proven to improve gum health -

keeping your teeth clean while being gentle on your gums, thus giving you the confidence to show

off that healthy smile anytime!

The colour of your gums determines the health of your gums. If gums are very light and pinkish in 

colour, they are healthy. If they are dark and reddish, you may have unhealthy gums. 

If gums are unhealthy, they will most likely be swollen or be susceptible to bleeding when you 

brush your teeth. This is due to inflammation caused by the immune system to protect itself from 

bacteria. Poor oral hygiene or not using the right toothbrush can cause a build-up of bacteria in 

between teeth and on the gum line thereby, irritating gums and causing gum disease. 

Most Malaysians are concerned with the health of their gums yet they do not know when they have 

a problem. It is with this in mind that Oral-B, the oral care experts with more than 50 years of 

experience, launched a campaign to drive awareness on gum health issues and how it can be 

easily addressed by choosing the right toothbrush.


Q1: Name the three (3) features of the new Oral-B UltraThin toothbrush.

Q2: How do you know if gums are healthy?
Q3: Choosing the right toothbrush is important for teeth and gum care. True or False?

1. Open to ALL Angels in Malaysia.   
2. Contest period is from 27th Mac – 10th Apr 2015.
3. Angels need only to answer three (3) simple questions on Oral-B UltraThin and gum health in my comment section. (with your email address as well ya)
4. The first three (3) correct entries will win an Oral-B hamper which will include the Oral-B UltraThin toothbrush, Oral-B mouth wash and Oral-B floss.

The Best of Belgian Indulgence by Magnum KL Mid Valley

Thursday, March 26, 2015

MAGNUM recently hosted an exclusive fine dining session at MAGNUM Kuala Lumpur to celebrate the best of Belgian Indulgence where blogger/media were invited to caress their senses by experiencing exquisite chocolate inspired dishes created using the highest quality Belgian chocolate by Chef Steven Chin, Group Executive Chef of Magnum Kuala Lumpur. For more than 10 years he has been creating unique dishes for different type of cuisines and desserts for five stars international hotels and fine dining restaurants and the chocolate inspired signature dishes were the interpretations of his vast culinary experiences and passion for chocolate.

We were served with spice butternut squash velouté which is a butternut pumpkin soup, scented with cinnamon and topped with shaved bitter dark chocolate. The dark chocolate gave a smooth and light bitter taste of chocolate for the creamy butternut soup and the dark chocolate goes amazingly well with cinnamon.

Following was the appetiser - marinated capellini pasta with ulam-ulaman served with crispy unagi beignet, salted choc emulsion, soy reduction and crispy ginger. The combination of the dark chocolate’s bitter sweet taste with the fried unagi and herbal taste of cold marinated cappelini gave the guests a fun yet refreshing appetizer experience.

There we go with the main course - pan seared butterfish fillet served with sautéed baby spinach and white beurre blanc sauce which elevated the whole gastronomic experience. Translated from French word "white butter", white beurre blanc sauce is a hot emulsified butter made with vinegar and shallots. In order to incorporate the MAGNUM touch to this, Chef Steven Chin added the MAGNUM white chocolate to create a layer of sweet and sour taste to the butter fish fillet.

The ultimate Belgian Indulgence came to its highlight when Death by Chocolate was served. It is the richest chocolate dessert that MAGNUM Pleasure Store has ever offered. 

Death by chocolate is a baked to order warm chocolate molten lava cake served with MAGNUM chocolate brownies ice-cream and chocolate crunch pearls that tickled the taste buds and indeed it was a remarkable pleasure to all guests.

Devil with One of the Magnum Dish

The new Oral-B UltraThin - Launching

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

White teeth alone does not mean a healthy mouth. Make sure you also keep your gums in the pink of health!

Malaysians are concerned with the health of their gums yet do not know when they have a problem. With this in mind, Oral-B is launching the new Oral-B UltraThin toothbrush and an awareness campaign to educate Malaysians that gum health issues can be easily addressed by choosing the right toothbrush.
Come see the NEW Oral-B UltraThin toothbrush on Thursday, 26th March 2015 at 4.30pm, LG Floor, One Utama Shopping Centre!

Stay Tuned with my Giveaway of NEW Oral-B UltraThin toothbrush! 

MoU Signing Ceremony between Brandt International Sdn Bhd and CELEMI

Sunday, March 22, 2015
Business Simulation is seem like interesting training compare
to the normal training that takes a day long with lecturing by the trainer!
Let Me Show you How!

Brandt International, a specialist in business consulting and business transformation management services announced the launch of partnership with Celemi.

Brandt, a recent recipient of Top Employee Award 2014 from MDEC is collaborating with Celemi to introduce a unique business simulation program. A dynamic and unique business simulation in which teams learn to attract, build and retain the right employees and customers. This is aligned with Brandt’s business approach of 10 years’ experience in enhancing the levels of customer experience through better quality, performance and efficiency, by leveraging on people, process and technology.

Celemi provides experiential training solutions in the form of business simulations. The training solutions use Celemi’s unique methodology “The Power of Learning” to effectively boost knowledge and skills of the participants.

This event will introduce Celemi Tango™, an experiential training program that was recently released in a new version. Celemi Tango™ allows participants to develop and execute their strategy with immediate feedback in terms of profit and relevant key point indicators. The target is to drive internal employee potential and consequently improve business results.

Munirah Looi, Brandt International, said, “We are delighted on this partnership with Celemi to drive more successful and effective business transformation, through employees and customer engagement. By exercising the modules introduced by Celemi to our local business landscape will definitely develop top quality business performance and consequently expand financial growth”

 Barbro Andersson, Celemi International, said “Our objective is to maximize potential growth through practice learning as a substitute of teaching. Our non-conventional board-based training program will be able to deliver more effective result. Celemi has developed various business simulations to ensure a comprehensive progress across an organization.

Let have a Picture with  Barbro Andersson
Stay tuned on My Next Blog Post on Details of CELEMI
Apple & Orange Business Simulation!
I learn so much from this simulation!
need to have separate blog dedicated for this..


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