Slimming Serum Izeara Xtravaganza is not hot at all!

Usually, I seldom open a video in facebook and discuss but this girl called Bella Nabela really catch my attention on making a police report  for the Slimming Serum Izeara Xtravaganza is not hot and not effective on her which she only used it for 1 time!
Her idea about slimming serum must be hot then only works to burn fat!

Out of sudden Ayah Kipidap Dongibab also doing a video to warnver Bella Nabela to withdraw the police report, funny right!
I am still wondering why he is so kepoh to warn Bella Nabela??

It hits Bella's missundering about Slimming Serum Izeara Xtravaganza then Bella Nabela did apologize to owner of Slimming Serum Izeara Xtravaganza.
Bravo Bella Nabela! I Salut You!

Yes! Very Kind of the owner of also forgive Bella Nabela !
let's check out what is the Slimming Serum Izeara Xtravaganza huhaa in within few week!

Woah I Googled and found out this Testimonial on the user of Slimming Serum Izeara Xtravaganza lost 12kgs!
I wanted to try NOW , not hot and still burn fat too!
As I dun like the hot and sticky lotion too! !

Benefit of Slimming Serum Izeara Extravaganza

- A first Slimming Serum Izeara Extravaganza on the market that was not hot, sticky free
- A first Slimming Serum Izeara Extravaganza in Asia contain Cafeisilance C works to melt the fat under the skin in the fastest way.
- Bowel movement after 1 hour using Slimming Serum Izeara Extravaganza 
- reduce old & new stretchmarks after childbirth if used consistently for 7 days.
- all saturated fat and stubborn fat can be removed quickly and fast.

And even Siti Nordiana also stand out for voice out about slimming serum Izeara Extravaganza

Check Out More about slimming serum Izeara Extravaganza
No tel : +6013‑777 3617

Ramadan 2016 : Lambaian Selera Utara - Hotel Royal

Hotel Royal Kuala Lumpur, the 20th-storey stylish and contemporary city hotel has created a host of exclusice offers to celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan, a traditional "Masakan Utara of Malaysia" (Northern Cuisine) included four northern states of Malaysia which is Perlis, Pulau Penang, Perak & Kedah.

For starters and appetizers on the spread cover an assortment of Kerabu like Kerabu Isi Ayam, Kerabu Daging, Rojak Buah and five selection of fresh and healthy Ulam-Ulaman Kampung.

Guest with fondness for all things spicy will be pleased with the options extended in Sambal Belacan, Sambal Mangga Cincalok, Sambal Tempoyak, Budu and Sambal Kicap

While the traditional elements is retained, Hotel Royal Culinary Team performed live cooking of Aneka Ikan Bakar & Air Asam, Cili Kicap, Goreng Pisang, Cucur Ikan Bilis, Mee Kari, Kambing Panggangm Roti Canai, Roti Telur, Roti Bam ,, Roti Canai Durian, Lemang Kampungm Ketupat Palas, Serunding Daging & Ayam

Hotel Royal Special Dish for Ramadan Buffet will be Arau Perlis Sotong Goreng Kunyit Bersayur, CHowrasta market penang ayam paggang kabsah berjintan, sungai acheh penang gulai lemak ikan tenggiri & timun, kuala juru penang mee hoon goreng udang kering, bagan serai perak sambal udang dengan petai, beruas perak redang tok, simpang empat kangkong kedah nasi putih beras wangi, pendang kedai gulai pisang muda tumis darat dgn udang & pokok sena kedah pajeri nenas.

To conclude the evening on a sweet note, indulge in mouth-watering desserts like agar-agar buah, krim karamel, jeli buah, selection of kuih melayu, penget pisan, tapai pulut, tapai ubi & ais kacang!

Price : RM75Nett per person
RM32Nett per children

RM50nett per person for first week of Ramadan!
You also can purchase voucher at priced RM55nett per person.

Hotel Royal
Jalan Walter Grenier, 55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Launch of Philips AVENT 4-in-1 Healthy Baby Food Maker

[1] 大时就开始进食好的辅助食物。在这方面,您可将食物搅拌,研磨和切碎成为易食的泥状,让断奶改吃固体食物的宝宝服食。然而,在此时此刻,想方设法为孩子预备每一顿健康餐确实很不容易。

Food Review : Pretz n' Beanz Bangsar

What if you can having your soft and flurry pretzel & coffee at the same time and enjoy your life
Yes, let me share with you all what's to try here at  Pretz n' Beanz Bangsar!
The most soft and fluffy pretzel I tried before!
Pretz n' Beanz Bangsar

Pencarian Wanita Melayu 2016 - Final

Pencarian Wanita Melayu 2016 - Final

Plaza Shah Alam’s annual beauty pageant, PAsyek Plaza Shah Alam.
encarian Wanita Melayu (PWM) reaches its exciting finals this 8th May at Plaza Shah Alam. Spectacular and  colourful costume parades by contestants traditional wear of each state by Jabatan Kesenian Kebudayaan Malaysia, Batik from Istana Batik Plaza Shah Alam and the breathtaking attire designed by Bahari