ShOpPInG DaY @ Is3TaN

by - September 19, 2008


I HaV3 Be3n WaIt For ThIs DaY 4 FeW DaY , VeRy EaRlY I WAkE Up, PlaN 2 Go Is3Tan KLCC.

AbOut 10 Am I DriVe My "H3RO" Go ThrU "SmArt TunN3L..
Wh3n I ReAch In De ParKing Lot, How LuCkY aM i ! I Park3d My HeRo At StrAiGhT In FrOnt Of Is3TaN EnTraNce! MaYb GoD KnoWs I WaN GrAb MaNy ThiNg So MaKe A SpAc3 4 Me. HaHa!!

My mInD Of Shopping iS fROM bOTtOm fLooR ShoP All De WaY SuP3rMarK3t Stor3.
1stLy , I W3nt Guy DepartMent, Hmmm.... So ExCited LoOk At De PrIc3 gOt DisCount On 70 % , Then I BouGht a ShoRt Sle3Ve "ReNoMa" ShIrt For DaDdY, A LoNg SLeeve "G2000 Men" 4 My Bb, N 1 More LoNg Sle3Ve PaDiNi 4 My Dearly Boy Boy!
(The 3 Guy I LoVe De MoSt In De WorlD)

2NdLy, Is CosM3tic DepartMenT, RoUndIng ThEre For Mor3 ThaN 30 Min, But EmPty Hand FroM Tis Department. nEv3RmINd , wAiT fOR aNoThER pR3-SaLE, HERE I GO FOR PERFUME, COSMETIC!!
TIPS:P3rFuM3,CoSMeTic MuZ BuY At Pr3-Sale Day, Got MaNy PrOmOtiOn , Fre3 GiFt WIth PurChaS3. ManY More!!

3rdLy, BeEn 2 LaDies DePartMent , HeRe I ReAliSed That MosT Of LaDiEs Is CraZy On " Inner Beauty" They All GoEs CraZy On This Item, Can Grab MoRe THan 10 Pcs On 1 Brands " Trxxxh" , HaHa, But It Is Not My InTereSt To Buy, I Goes To PaDiNi AuD, Bought A CotTOn Shirt For My MuMmY , Tak3 So LoNg Time FiNd It Nice, As The CloTh Is ABout A Mountain,
HarD 2 FinD A CloTh ThaT No "瑕疵" , / PerFectly No Scratch!
N 4 MySelF, I Jz BouGht 1 Hush PupPy T-Shirt.

LaSt But No LeaST , I Went 2 SuPerMarket Store Bought As Wat I mentioned Last Time , JapAnEse Gre3n Tea x 2, ToiLet RoLL x 3( SuPer CheAp) , ManGo JUic3 x 2..

As A ConCluSion, I LiKe ShOppIng 4 Person i LiKe, I Wont ThiNk ToO MuCh !
But CoMe 2 My Own StuFf , I Will ThINK 4x 5x tiMes, At de End, Din Buy aNyThiNg!! HaHaHa..

ShOpPinG LiSt
1 x ReNoMa 4 DaDdy
1 x PaDiNi 4 DeArLy Boy Boy
1 x G2000 4 Bb
1 x PaDiNi Auth. 4 MuMMy
1 x HuSh PuPpY 4 MySelf

HouseHold GroSeries
2 x JapAnEsE GReen TeA
2 x MaNGo JuIce
3 x ToiLet RoLL

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