~ Stila Stuff For 1st Time ~

星期三, 五月 27, 2009

~ Here are what I grab, from all the stila counter KL..
(bcoz of this, dai koan auntie and me are got more topic on it ... haha)

1. smudge pot -jade
2. smudge pot - cobalt
(this 2 really save me alot, at 1st i wan to buy KATE GEL EYE LINER cost me about RM50,
Now only with RM56, i can grab 2 different color gel eyeliner that is made in USA!)
3. long wear lip color - paramour

4. Stila eyeliner brush No.13
(Ehmm......., Why this brush is made in CHINA de?)

5. perfecting foundation - shade e
6. perfecting concealer - shade e
(This Color is totally match with my skin color)

But Question is here :
Actually Foundation& Concealer shade
Need to be 1x lighter from the skin color,
or need to same as skin color???

7. smooth skin moisture powder foundation compact
(If i got a chance to choose again, i will choose the angel compact de!! ~Cute Cute Ner~ )
8. automatic brow definer refill

9. automatic brow definer case
10. illuminating tinted moisturizer spf15 - shade 2

Unfortunately Some of the thing i wan to have it, but is already OOS in the market!

i got a round round face from time to time, with this my face may looked smaller.
usually i jz bought a 1x darker shade 2way powder as a contouring my face, but i realised it is too heavy on my make-up ..

Stila Make Up Case

(Picture Courtesy from Miu )

A Limited Edition CollectibleStila Make Up Case

Make Up Question is here :
Actually Foundation& Concealer shade
Need to be 1x lighter from the skin color,
or need to same as skin color???

(Expert Answer Needed!!)

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16 评论

  1. hi thr
    oo , u 1st time using stila product ??
    is nice leh , u won't feel regret ..
    i'm always using the perfecting foundation , i'm usieng shade D , so sadly when i go thr my shade had sold out all ..

    anyway , for the foundation and concealer some ppl say have to choose 1X colour tat is lighter than ur skin , for me is not advisable la ... but of coz , u hv to see whether the colour is too light for u or wat ... choose those suit u naturally =) ,

    u dun wan to looks like a ghost when go out rite ?? =)

    important is when u apply ur foundation and concealer ,after u using it u'll looks nicer and not pale than previous . =)

  2. To Theng > thanks for commenting on it :)

    agreed on wat u say, make up is to make better look, not to scare ppl away rite ! hehe ..

    few year back my dai koan auntie is talk about stila for me, but i think is too expensive.

    now i jz grab and used, not bad thing oo...

  3. ya , Stila is expensive ... but i really like the perfecting foundation=) , u won't regret tat after u use it , trust me =)

    actually nw adays also many cosmetics brand like Etude , Skin food etc becum quite affordable dy ..
    u can try it .. =)

  4. i agree also, nowadays the koreans brand is in on affortable price,

    i like etude house mouisturefull sleeping mask, but i need to finish my TFS sleeping mask 1st.

    i seldom buy cosmetic de,
    i buy is 1 time shot like this.

  5. ~Hehe~
    ~ Going To The Garden for Last Haul ~

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