~Anna Sui Workshop~

星期六, 八月 29, 2009

(Picture Courtesy from Miu )

i have been to KLCC @ 26/8/09, to attend my anna sui workshop.

it is my virginity workshop in my life,

it is enjoyable and fun !! with the freegift also ..
Freebies With Workshop :
1 x lomo camera(with anna sui sign)
1 x travel size mascare
3 x primer
1 x 2way cake (In Black Rose)
2 x Liquid Foundation

Overall the makeover, step by step consultation for me is very useful.
The SA is very pantiet and slowly shown me step by step:

Like i learn that put on foundation/2waycake on downward motion,
unlike put on skincare on upward motion,
face shaping/contour can be made with darker shade powder on chin area..

but with my Single Eyelid, I dun really like the purplish eyeshadow on my eyelid,
like kena pukul/lebam only de, anyway i like the scent of the rose in the product .

rating : 7/10 Nice Workshop !!!!

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3 评论

  1. 我之前有看到这个workshop的资料!哪知道我提早去报名,那个专柜女孩跟我说没有这样的东西,后来不了了之~后悔啊!我应该再问清楚的!看起来真的很棒啊!

  2. Jean, 你应该在问多几次, 因为哦很多的SA都蒙擦擦得,下次我们一起去,好吗?

  3. 是啊!我真的应该再烦专柜小姐几次~