Etude House GP Sales!

星期六, 四月 03, 2010

This GP Sales Promotion end on 9 April!
actually me are AIMING the Pink Kabuki Brush from Etude House. after discount only about RM30++ it is cute&chubby!
i saw it from kepong outlet that i alway walk in and buy something for sure.
But Nowadays my car are in workshop for a big cases!! So need to save up!

Etude House Fans Act Fast oo!

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4 评论

  1. nice leh ,frankly I never buy anything from there before. when I at shop in pyramid the SA dont bother me also :(

  2. oh want ask the camera you buy from miu the barbie doll one have you try it? is it use then throw type? pls let me know

  3. Sherry: i usually went to kepong branch de etude house, as sunway is too far for me sometime.

    for the perfume, i yet to grab it from miu! once i grab it will show u !