I 100% Love Cosme Decorte Moisture Liposome.

星期一, 九月 20, 2010

I am really excited to show you something that makes miracle to my skin,
my skin got the 360" changes  with Cosme Decorte Moisture Liposome.
Last week, I went to Isetan KLCC with Jess,and grab a set of 3 days Moisture Liposome sample.
It claimed that "Improves moisture absoption for your skin"

Day 1 :
Morning :
after washing my face , I used half sachet on my palm and smooth evenly over skin.
I feel my thirsty skin really absop to Moisture Liposome.
Night :
still using it after washing my face. then follow with my hada labo moisturizing lotion.

Day 2 :
Morning :
I touch my face before going to wash my face. i feel the softness of my face that i never have before!
I can feel my Skin79 BB Cream can spread it evenly and smooth.
thru out the day i can realized my t-zone is not oily as before,
because it is balancing back my oil level in my skin.

Day 3 :
Morning :
I really started to fall in love with this Moisture Liposome. it is not harsh to me and work very well.
I realised my pores visibly smaller!! Need to say goodbye to the last sachet of Moisture Liposome that i used! Thanks for giving me a changes.

(After 1 week,Girls, u should know, is my bad skin-condition time, but is still me keep no break-out and dull skin!!)

 Moisture Liposome is already in my wishlist!

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6 评论

  1. wow, great! it works! i hope can try the sample too!

  2. Yes, It is very work to me!
    i like it super very much!

  3. fix your english please. it hurts my eye just to read it.

    ~never your reader ever~

  4. Pls don't insult the blogger, she's improving her english by blogging. She's from chinese ed, and I am proud that she tries to blog in english so that everyone can understand what's going on in her blog.

    Not everyone has perfect english, but i admire those who tries.

  5. Annoymous : If you never a reader here, they how come you are here leaving comments ? Don't bother to come.

    I think she is a blogger and have a right to say whatever she wanted in whatever ways in her own blog. I can understand what she is blogging about , why can't you?

  6. Thanks For Miu & Jess's Support:)

    Anonymous i dunno who are you, but you are giving me a motivation to improve my better english!

    Ya, As well As is Understandable English, then should be no problem