Jukari Fit to Flex Workshop 16 April 2011

星期三, 四月 20, 2011

 Reach There @ 9.30am,
Raining Heavy! 

Welcome Speech Before the Workshop! 

1st Session of the Workshop : Cardio Session

Camwhore with Mummy

Mummy & Joey from Nature Health

Thanks to http://www.facebook.com/naturalhealthmedia organized the fun-filled workshop!
we are having a great time @ Chi Fitness Centre.

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4 评论

  1. so fun cam whore with your mummy!

  2. Ya! it is a must, whenever/wherever we go!

    Stay Young!

  3. Hi Wendy, happy to know that you and your dearest mummy enjoy the workshop.

    Really appreciate your blog and do join the workshop again...hahaha..

    Btw, I'm Felicia from Natural Health too.

  4. Hi Felicia,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog!
    Yeap, we really enjoy the workshop, expecting more workshop from u all guys!

    Have a Nice day!