My Wedding Preparation - Part 1 Dress Selection

星期三, 十一月 02, 2011

for my wedding engagement dress, i still in the midst on choosing what i wan.
all readers keep your eye for my selections
Option 1 - Pink & Black

Option 2, puffy cream , low v dress

Option 3, korean style princess dress

Option 4 : simple A line dress

♥,Leave your recommendation to make my engagement alive! 10Q ♥

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9 评论

  1. Option 4 .. ^_^ Congratulationssss!!! ^^

  2. Why all different from the one you showed me this morning?

  3. Hi JC, thanks for option 4, stay tuned on devils' real-try on option again!

    lilian, the "kwa" is recommended from my friends. she got the costume. so i ask ur special suggestion.

  4. i think option 2 will be better casue low v can show off ur sexy body

  5. my personal also like option 2.
    thanks for your suggestion.

  6. Yaya since u got the body n asset y dont show it out right? Wear a push up bra make it more firm n nice to see. If can post the pic of u wearing it on ur blog too thanks. Waiting to see the pic

  7. stay tuned!
    more real life photo coming soon!

  8. okok hope to see u wear the dress soon