Lake Toba + GirlFriend = Crazy Trip!

星期四, 十二月 29, 2011

Where you all guy celebrating 2012 New Year Eve ?
Countdown Party?
Intimate moment with the loved one?
With family?

I'll be celebrating my new year eve here!
Lake Toba, Indonesia with a bunch of friends!
Girls Trip
(wanna to know whose are the lucky one, Check it out!)!
Devil will be right back 2/1/2011!

Ellis , Jess , Wua & Sharon  

Happy 2012 New Year !!

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2 评论

  1. I am so last minute in booking this trip...Whao! Jess thinks that I am mad and I am so looking forward in meeting you girls!!! Juli, we will enjoy ourselves or you can also book the last minute just like me!