Skin Formulation Blogger Gathering + Giveaway

by - June 07, 2012

I invited few of the bloggers to experience Skin Formulation products & demonstration.
Connie is explaining the skin formulation products to Adriene.

Full of Skin Formulation skincare range.
(Heard they are going to change the new packaging)   

Today Demonstration & spotlight is this Skin Formulation Remover Gel
It work as Eye Make Up Remover, Face Make Up Remover & Cleanser. (2 in 1)

Eye make up remover usage:

  1. Wet the cotton pad 1st
  2. Pump out half pump of cleansing gel
  3. Spread it evenly

  4. Put cotton pad on eye aream stay for 5-10sec
  5. Wipe downward gently without damage the delicate eyelashes

  6. Repeat step 1 – step 5 for another eye.
  7. With few wipes, you will get a clean and fresh eye without any trace of eye make up left!

Face make up remover

  1. wet the face with water
  2. Pump 1-2 pumps of cleansing gel
  3. Massage in circulation motion until it dissolved all make up.
  4. can use to remove lipstick/lip gloss as well

  5. The cleansing gel will become mucus means you are done/
  6. Rinse the cleansing gel with water. 

Main Ingredients In Skin Formulation Remover Gel :
Pectin Fruit Extract ~ extracted from a variety of natural fruit, have the ability to break down the grease and make-up on skin.
Hydrolyzed Collagen – Repair weak collagen fibers and cells.
Glycerin Glycerin ~ soothe the skin anti-inflammatory.
Licorice extract- provides strong moisture.

Video Demo :
Is pen mark harder to remove than make up?? 
With skin formulation cleansing gel can even remove pen mark with 1 step!

Followed by the Skin Formulation Skin Care Regime :
Normalizing lotion
Perfect glow sunscreen
(My SF favorite product, No SPF sunscreen with sunscreen protection ! Dare to Use! Stay Tune with My Review !)

before the gathering end,  Boss of Skin Formulation Malaysia come out with amazing product with vibration.

He mentioned that by using this product for a long time been, you look younger & younger, all in one, so many benefit in one product!

Massage ~ Massage ~ & Massage~
You can see the difference on the right of my face , LIFTED & PLUMPED FACE!
My laughing line is almost disappear!

Stay Tuned with This New Product  Launch Ya!

Want to try out Skin Formulation Product?
There is the Chance!
Devil is giving away 1pc of FGF-PDGF Repairing Mask to 20 lovely reader/follower!

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