Sinful Shills Warehouse Sales Haul!

by - March 10, 2013

I really enjoy Shills Warehouse sales the most that i mentioned here before! Some of the products are even more that 90% discount, it is 95%!!! Example like the products retail price @ RM59, with this warehouse u only paid RM5! even though is quite far from my place, STILL very worthy! and all of it are less than RM100 , believe it or not! u better believe it. i did share the warehouse sales pricing in my facebook.
follow my facebook page here to understand more :
Most of the warehouse sales products is close to expired like 3-9 months later, but for the fast moving items like make up remover and mask, definitely finish within 3-4 months time. agree?

see what I bought from the warehouse sales recently!

1 x Deep Sebum Softener
2 x Shills Pure White Ex Whitening Cream
1 x Shills Whitening Mud Mask
1 x Shills Cherry Blossom Make-up Removing Oil
1 x Shills Caribbean Waterproof Ice UV Spray SPF50
2 x Dot Dot gentle Eye & Lip Make Up Remover
2 x Shills Moisture All Day Skin Care kit
(consist of 1x Moisturizing Gel Cream, 1x Extreme Lift Eye Gel, 1xHydrating Night Mask)
1 x Shills 3D Miracle Lift Facial Lifting Serum
1 x Shills SPF42(PA++) Sun Block Whitening Hydra- Foundation.

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