Sinful Shills Warehouse Sales Haul!

星期日, 三月 10, 2013

I really enjoy Shills Warehouse sales the most that i mentioned here before! Some of the products are even more that 90% discount, it is 95%!!! Example like the products retail price @ RM59, with this warehouse u only paid RM5! even though is quite far from my place, STILL very worthy! and all of it are less than RM100 , believe it or not! u better believe it. i did share the warehouse sales pricing in my facebook.
follow my facebook page here to understand more :
Most of the warehouse sales products is close to expired like 3-9 months later, but for the fast moving items like make up remover and mask, definitely finish within 3-4 months time. agree?

see what I bought from the warehouse sales recently!

1 x Deep Sebum Softener
2 x Shills Pure White Ex Whitening Cream
1 x Shills Whitening Mud Mask
1 x Shills Cherry Blossom Make-up Removing Oil
1 x Shills Caribbean Waterproof Ice UV Spray SPF50
2 x Dot Dot gentle Eye & Lip Make Up Remover
2 x Shills Moisture All Day Skin Care kit
(consist of 1x Moisturizing Gel Cream, 1x Extreme Lift Eye Gel, 1xHydrating Night Mask)
1 x Shills 3D Miracle Lift Facial Lifting Serum
1 x Shills SPF42(PA++) Sun Block Whitening Hydra- Foundation.

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6 评论

  1. Ridiculous story there. What occurred after?
    Take care!

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  2. i missed the sales! too far :(

    xo Sarvin

  3. Automatic Centre summer warehouse sale offers up to 40% off. Mandaluyong City – As part of its 65th Anniversary celebrations. survival warehouse management team

  4. wow, so fast you using almost finish.

  5. ya, sherry, most of the products is like fast moving products like removers and masks