Devil's Shibuya Style by BCL's Products

by - September 13, 2013

BCL= Beauty Creative Lab, bring in more to eye makeup products, which all girls must have make up products. One eye make up products already can makes your eye look bigger & wake up!

What about 8 products for 1 eye make up with 4 steps ?

Mr Tanabe all the way from Japan to teach you how to create a cool & confident shibuya girl style by using BCL's Products !

Step 1 : Draw your eyebrow with BCL's Browlash EX W Eyebrow Pencil & Liquid

Diagram to draw your eyebrow.

Mark the arch then draw to the end and back to the front.

use the pencil type 1st to soften the color,

then intenses it with the liquid type to make it dramatic.

(Tips: don't draw a line, but sketch the line by bits )

as for me, faded eye-brow tattoo, it is advisable to used black color to neutralise the redness.
My Thick EyeBrow Look

Step 2 : Create Your gradiant Eyeshadow with BCL’s Makemania Gradation Shadow Liner

Blending play a main part for this step, you using the gradation shadow liner tips to draw the shadow, from light to dark at the end of the eye tips,

Step 3 : Liner Your Lashline with BCL's Makemania Pencil Gel Liner & Browlash Water Strong Liner

Draw the eyeliner with Makemania pencil gel liner under the water liner just to fill up the lash empties. 1/3 for the lower eyelid.
Upper eyelid using Black color liner then Brown color for lower eyelid.
(P/S: The pencil tips cannot retracted once extended, so dun twist it too long)

Draw the Wing at the outer corners with the Browlash Water Strong Liner. for a thicker liner look.

Step 4 : Coat Your Eyelashes with

Mascara 1 : BCL’s Volume Lash Fiber Mascara
Mascara 2 : BCL's Browlash EX Lash Curler Express Curl & Long Mascara(It gives "Auto Curl Up" effect , without the use of a regular eyelash curler!)
The trick to use this mascara, hold for 3-5 sec to make the curl at the middle of your eyelashes
Mascara 3 : BCL’s Browlash EX Lash Sculpture LS Mascara

I am Done with Shibuya Style with  All BCL Products!

Am I Cool & Confident!

My favourite Product to all this BCL products, most Love towards all 3 types of mascara!
It gives me Falsies Effect without using any Falsies!
Very long lasting & easy to remove!

 Model , Mr. Tanabe & Devil!

Having Fun with others Bloggers too!
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