Ninetology U9Z1 VS Sony Xperia Z Ultra

by - December 25, 2013

Thanks Tech Kaiju Arena
Let Me have the chance to try out other phone for me to choose
My next target phone/2nd back up phone maybe
let me introduce you with My version comparison of Sony Xperia Z Ultra and Ninetology U9Z1

 Sony Xperia Z Ultra can act as a accessories statement for me.

 Palmful also cannot hold up.
how to camwhore with this big phone!
2 hand also holding phone also

What about this ?

Smaller yet powerful Ninetology U9Z1
camwhore friendly!

The Winner goes to 
Ninetology U9Z1 for the size!
Sony Xperia Z Ultra way too big to handle for me
for most of the time i only bring out the small bag/clutch to events/work
so sizing is really means alot to me!

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