Celebrate World Cup with Joe Flizzow’s new song, #gilabola

by - June 25, 2014

I never been a world cup/ football fans, until.....
I met my hubby, a super fans of football.
so i going to stay all night up for HIM.
 It is quite fun to see the his excitement for GOAL!!!!
he can be super excited till jump up out of sudden!
you might be seeing it like 4 year once. haha

 What's About preparing yummy french toast topped with chocolate sauces for him in the midnight
at least a sugar food to to keep him awake all night long!
actually without this french toast, he still will awake for this world cup month.

For me, even though I am not going to staying up all night for Matches but World Cup Every 4 years I am more interested with the mascot!
This Year Mascot is Copa, It is very cute!
I am sure I am going to grab some merchadise of the Mascot.

how about you can with all this world cup football moment photos to be featured in Joe Flizzow Next Video? Check Out How NOW!

You’ve probably heard Joe Flizzow’s new song, #gilabola. If you haven’t, make sure you watch

Now you can sing along to the music video! Learn the words in the lyrics video: <https://www.celcom.com.my/personal/promotion/gilabola%3Fpid=1400517846828#video> actually the lyrics talk about the typical habits of ‘football mad’ fans of all ages and origins, like staying 

up all night, face painting and more.

Join the craze in the Football Mad Territory! Make sure you also share all your football-mad moments with the hashtag #gilabola on Instagram! 
Who knows, your submissions could even appear in their next video.

In the meantime, do share this out with your friends and spread the football fever! 

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