by - October 08, 2014

ZALORA developed the marketplace platform and introduced it to merchants 
on the 26th of April 2014. It was especially designed to help emerging fashion 
businesses such as blogshops, boutiques and upcoming designers to 
showcase their designs and products to the whole of Malaysia. Since its 
introduction the Marketplace platform has already showcased more than 100 
local labels to ZALORA’s ever-growing customer base. Some of the existing 
merchants from Marketplace showcased their collections at the event, giving 
media and guests a sneak preview of what they may find on 

Selected brands featured on the runway included: Hi Style, MilkTee, 
Starroom, Coccha, Nunfish, Covetz, POPculture, Lovemartini and Earth Heir 
for women’s wear; Azzara Cottons, Muslimah Clothing Couture and 
Closetheart for the Muslimah line; Posse and Hi Style for men’s; and Paku, 
Luccacal, 2553, Dosscaps, VSoft and Chenta Watie Scarf for Accessories. 

Brand - Coccha
(whoever love bohemian style will love this brand, the style more to earth color tone)

Brand - Nunfish
This brand offer a lot of dresses that affortable and stylish

Brand - Paku
(Personalised Accessories Ku,
Focus on the chunky Clutch that model holding 

Brand - PopCulture
The handbag is make from Wood Cork

Brand - Love Martini

Brand - Covetz.
Looking for bridemaids dress? Here you go!

Brand - Azzara Cottons

Check Out More Brands at Zalora's Marketplace

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