Saint Seiya @ Kepong Metro Prima!

星期一, 十一月 03, 2014

As a married couple like us, weekend usually also went to shopping mall for grocery shopping, this week we went to Jusco Metro Prima as it is quite near to our house, 

suddenly spotted this 2 handsome guy carry big gold colour box and reminds me of a famous manga series – Saint Seiya where the characters in this manga have super powers.

 the super powers are in this box referred as Saint Seiya Pandora Box.

I was wondering what’s inside the Saint Seiya Pandora Box NOW.

Is Saint Seiya (聖闘士星) Your favourite manga as well? 

Someone told me that is his childhood favourite Manga too!

Take a welfie with this 2 handsome guy as a super fans of Saint Saiya is a MUST!

I like their body shape, feel so manly….!

Why are they here to promote Saint Seiya?
Is there any Saint Seiya new manga /Online Game Coming?  
Check Out My Upcoming post Ya! 

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3 评论

  1. Yes! Anime walkiing around the KL

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