5 Things Couple To Do at Klang Parade

by - December 24, 2014

Klang Parade in operation since 1994, is an iconic mall located in the royal town of Selangor, the newly refurnished shopping complex celebrated their grand launch to provide shoppers the new retail experience with more offerings for value and convenience. The mall’s owners ARA Asset Management Limited decided to give the once vibrant mall the much needed makeover aimed to revitalise and transformation needed to remain relevant to the community.

Let me bring you walk through Klang Parade for 5 Things Couple To Do Here, 
by the way there are more activities to do for couples.

1. FireZone Family KTV
Location: 5.20-23

Going to KTV with your beloved one is a way of dating right.
you can dedicate the song to him/her  and sing from your heart.
must be very touching ya!
Here you go with FireZone Family KTV that have
one VIP room that can accommodate about 30 person ,
great enough to have propose marriage also. (shy..)

what about selfie inside ktv room!
beside singing out loud!

2. Circus Circus
Location : Level 5.03A

Too Shy to Singing in KTV while dating,
let come to Circus Circus, all kind of games can be very enjoyable!
when you feel happy play games, the person beside will feel the same,
so spread the happiness by play any of your favorite games here! 

Never too Old for all this arcade game!

Someone gotten his winning prize(sweets) from BIG SWEET LAND
happy face from him, so I am happy too!
True Right!

3. fresh fruits
Location: 5.41

feeling thirsty/tired after too many energy consumed a FireZone KTV & Circus Circus?
Come to fresh fruits to have some cut fruits / fruits juice here!
variety of fruits you can find form my personalised skewer..
 tell me what you found from the skewer?
(Shh.... Hubby hate Jack fruit! )

Let have a Groupfie with Bloggers & their personalised fruits Skewer!
Feeling Yummy!

4. I.GF Nail Spa
Location: 1.13

Having manicure in I.GF Nail Spa Klang Parade.
must be wondering this just a girl stuff to do....
how can it be consider as couple to do list right?

Tadah, here you go!
Special massage from your beloved while you are doing manicure
money can't buy experience right! 

what about train you partner look young & energized  like them?

Rejuvenate Dance Crew

Yes, you can with Peanut Butter Studio Opening Soon on January!

you and your partner to learn Hot & Spicy Latin Dance & HIP HOP together!
feeling so sexy wei!

WAIT !!!!


Rynn Lim (林宇中) will be performing LIVE! at Klang Parade on 28 Dec 2014! 

Year End Party also offers Children Dance Along session by Peanut Butter Studio with opening performance by the Rejuvenate Dance Crew!!! Lots of games and activities will be conducted including lucky draw prizes to be won!

I am will be there too! 

For More Information
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ARA.KPM?fref=ts
Place : Klang Parade Shopping Center
Where : No 2112, KM 2 Jalan Meru, 41050 Klang, Selangor
Call : 03 3343 7889
Time : Monday - Sunday from 10:00 am - 22:00 pm

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