Hello KItty 以 《绿野仙踪》方式 来到马来西亚

星期六, 十月 24, 2015

从2015年10月31日开始,凯蒂猫扮成《绿野仙踪》里的伟大的女巫即将来到 SANRIO HELLO KITTY主题公园,公主港,柔佛!

让凯蒂迷来一个甜头就是从10月23日到10月25日 会有《绿野仙踪》活动 在 Quill City Mall 举行! 
听说HELLO KITTY 会出现在活动上和大家拍照哦!

这3天,你只需要买上两张票,你就可以获得一只独家限量版的Hello Kitty 《绿野仙踪》收藏的商品!

 这可是 东南亚首创 由永恒的经典绿野仙踪精灵的启发,
提出了凯蒂猫和绿野仙踪的异想天开的融合,使投两个故事生活 。

恶魔 开心到见牙不见眼了!

“我们其实都是第一个SANRIO HELLO KITTY 主题公园除了在日本以外的世界的吸引力,
结合从凯蒂猫世界里的人物和朋友与 L. Frank Baum’s 儿童经典 《绿野仙踪》美妙的精灵”方面  “Fahruddin Najumudeen,SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN总经理说。

为配合这一新景点,SANRIO HELLO KITTY镇也将开设一个特别的Hello Kitty 《绿野仙踪》零售店,将携带的独家限量版的Hello Kitty 《绿野仙踪》收藏的商品。

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12 评论

  1. Love Hello Kitty.... she is just so cute... I saw her on Sunday!!! Can't wait to see her on Friday again

  2. Aiyo so cuteeeeee! Wendy, keep me updated on their next appearance i want to go too! T.T

  3. Hello Kitty in Oz - wonder what will happen to the other characters - The Tin Man, The Lion and The Scarecrow. Hehehe.

  4. im a huge fan of kitty!!! <3 can't wait to meet them in Hello Kitty Town in JB :D

  5. Hello Kitty in Oz seems like an adorable idea and the kids would have loved it. Adore the characters, they are very cute ;)

  6. so cute! I think every girl loves hello kitty for their cute pink stuff.

  7. OMG those hello kitty r so cute! Wish I can visit it also, and selfie with them :P

  8. The top picture is so cute. Super love the Hello Kitty In Oz idea. I want one too!

  9. You looks shows it all lah.. hahah you looks like happy kid with your Hello Kitty! You should ajak Sharon and Juli along, they two also crazy Hello Kitty. Haha

  10. The Hello Kitty toys are so cute. I might be going there with my family this year end.

  11. Hello Kitty is still my favorite, OMG so cute lah :)

  12. gosh. so cute. my friends would die to get a hold of that hello kitty dolls :)


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