Marriott Putrajaya - Welcome 2016 – WALK ‘N’ EAT

星期一, 十二月 21, 2015

Pay 1 price to enjoy 4 outlet at Marriott Putrajaya and enjoy your last day of December with your beloved!!
from local cuisine , japanese cuisine, chinese cuisine to international cuisine!
you named it they have it!
Let's Check Out What they offers in all 4 outlets 

31 December @ Lower Lobby

Zest @ Level 1
Carvery & roasts, festive dishes, western delights,
chilled oysters and prawns, briyani gam, gulai kawah,
baked amberjack, tandoori, noodles, Asian, Local and
international Specialties.

Midori @ Level 2
Sushi, sashimi, maki rolls, baked oysters, teppanyaki,
robatayaki, tempura, ramen, soba and live action stations.

Summer Palace @ Level ML
Spicy farm chicken soup, steamed and deep-fried dim
sum, poached live prawns in chinese herbs, braised
baby abalone, chilled durian pancake and Chinese gourmet

Tuscany & Al Fresco @ Level 3
Antipasti, live pasta and ravioli stations, pizza,
breads, whole roasted lamb, seafood risotto,
bbq delights, grilled steaks and fish, beef striploin
carving and Nordic salmon.
Dessert Bar
Ice cream, Fruits, tiramisu, chocolate fountain,
pralines and lots more

RM225 nett per adult / RM135 nett per child

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Book Now and Get 20% Off!
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21 评论

  1. wow... one big price but then you can spend the whole day eating and eating and eating... heheheh... not bad... good for people with BIG appetite

  2. I think it's a wonderful idea and the price is quite reasonable too. But who can eat that much of food??

  3. Wow! Can eat all day long liao like this!

  4. Mariott putrajaya food is not bad.. Nice!

  5. I live nearby! Now I know where to eat. heee. Tried the food at Marriot and it is tasty. :D

  6. Wow... Pay 1 to enjoy 4. Looks like a great deal.

  7. wow, price of 1 to enjoy 4 different cuisines. such a sweet deal!

  8. looks like a nice event.

  9. Quite expensive also huh, the place s so romantic.

  10. Mariott putrajaya food is not bad. good selection though

  11. niceeeeee! moreee food coming! hahha.. are u going?

  12. wow...worth for it!!! I sure will go Level 2 and dessert bar!!!becoz i like japanese food and dessert!!

  13. don't know if one person can eat so much in a day or not haha but looks fun

  14. Hold up Hold up, eat til you rop for only RM200
    Somebody get me a flight to KL right now.. This is a good deal. If you are in Malaysia and missing this im sorry you'll regret

  15. Oh wow the Price for so many food! That was really worth the price, gonna check it out the place now =D

  16. i wonder why "walk and eat".. but they do offer so much food. oh wow.

  17. Lovely activities, will blast this promotion at my FOOD group :)

  18. This event is fun as we get to eat and then enjoy the fun. But price a bit expensive if no early bird purchase.

  19. Yikes, Rm225 can buy me a week of groceries ;p Nice hotel to stay in though

  20. that's rather pricey to walk & eat @@ do they have a member discount or something?

  21. Putrajaya sounds so far to me.. Haha.... Thanks for sharing.