Nanafa Beauty " Licin Monne Putih Seppo!"

星期三, 一月 06, 2016

Thanks for the Nanafa Beauty as one of the sponsor for #KBBA photography workshop

I got BLANCO SET that consist of  :
1 x BLANCO Bar
1 x BLANCO Serum

"BLANCO is the word in spanish for 'white', so you going to be as white as snow white
  after using this BLANCO "

This is the Benefits of BLANCO SET : 

  • Get rid of Acnes
  • Get rid of Pimples
  • Lighten acne scar
  • Even skin tone
  • Hydration
  • Minimize pore size
  • Refreshing
  • Affordable 
  • Natural
  • Detoxing
  • Registered with KKM

    I tried the Nanafa Beauty - BLANCO Serum straight at night!
    i like the gel texture and super fast absorption, should I say within 10 sec with massage in circulation, it is recommended to used it together with BLANCO Bar!
    Will get the details reviews coming Soon!

    Ariq as Model of the Day!

    Another one product is Heroes Mens Wash
    1st Men's Wash in Malaysia!
    Women we have the feminine wash for our miss V.
    how about guy? 
    Yes,they should have one for the dedicated part as well, Right!
    So nanafa beauty came out with Heroes Mens Wash 
     this is the main ingredient of the Heroes Mens Wash
1. Betaine
    Anti irritation of the skin.
      Has antiseptic that kills unwanted bacteria.
          2. Piper Betle Leaf Extract
            Helps reduce skin inflammation and relieve itching.
              It also prevents premature ejaculation.
                  3. Glycerine
                    Lighten skin color.
                      Replacing the cells of damaged skin with new cells.
                        Helps remove impurities on the surface of cells.
                            4. Sea Salt.
                              Soothes irritated skin.
                                Alkaline and strengthens the immune system.
                                    5. Catuaba extract.
                                      Help memgatasi impotence.
                                        Increase penis size growth.
                                          Increasing orgasm and reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
                                              6. Menthol Crystal
                                                Increase blood flow by increasing the oxygen transport.
                                                    Free Sles, Paraben Free, Silicone Free.
                                                    Registered and Approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia

                                                    Check Out More :

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                                                    23 评论

                                                    1. I wish to white as snow white too! Can't wait to get it. :)

                                                    2. wah.....

                                                      kulit mulus cantik berseri....

                                                      but must consume hari kan...

                                                      i malas dan selalu terlupa hehehe

                                                    3. Haven't heard of this brand before but it does sound pretty convincing to get snow white skin

                                                    4. Wait. Is this a Malaysian product? The benefits seems promising..

                                                    5. New product?
                                                      Thanks for the introduction

                                                    6. may i know where can i get it?? I wish to become a snowwhite!!!

                                                    7. I've not heard of this brand before but it sounds interesting from your review. I'll look out for it.

                                                    8. Never heard of this brand. Thanks for sharing :)

                                                    9. good for those who wants to become snow white! :D haha. thanks for sharing this!

                                                    10. wow first time hearing bout men's it made in malaysia?

                                                    11. Men also have to take care of the family jewel too!

                                                    12. Does it really work? Would love to know so that i can recommend to my friend :D

                                                    13. Its my first time get to know this local brand. I have not try yet the packaging looks decent.

                                                    14. First time I heard of this brand.. seems interesting... now I can be snow white also.... hehehe

                                                    15. Heroes mens wash. Wow. First time i heard that there's such product for men too. hee

                                                    16. never heard this brand before. seems like a nice product. thanks for sharing wendy.

                                                    17. Quite a good info for this both of this product! Both are good for men and women =D

                                                    18. This product is new to me. The packaging is so unique and I did not notice is a beauty product until I read finish your post.

                                                    19. heroes men wash? i wanna try it too, can be my own hero then :D

                                                    20. is it necessary to be white as snow haha

                                                    21. New product in the market. Tell us how it works for you

                                                    22. Never heard of these...but I'll check them out!!