Chinese New Year Short Film by Alan Thoo

by - February 15, 2016

Every Chinese New Year,there are more touching short film around social media and TV blooming.
Today I am here to give some recommendation That I personally like it so much and it's inspired by a true story!

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Inspired by a True Story, "I'm Sorry Mummy" is written and directed by Alan Thoo. This Chinese New Year Short Film is produced by the Lions Club of Sunway Damansara Metro in collaborations with Virtigo Studio & Adini Production.

Inspired by true events, this Chinese New Year short film by Alan Thoo, brings together 4 good friends chit chatting over tea time. Another Lions Club of Sunway Damansara Metro message to everyone, proudly produced by Virtigo Studio and Adini Productions. 
(EveryOne got the same feeling towards what Shawn Lee's Thought! no internet, no air-con)

The Promise Series by Alan Thoo

This is the series I love the most!
you will feel it is cruel, but it is super true life surrounding you!
Every Video also sentimental, touching!
What they want is spending time with them. Not about Money & OLD FOLK HOME !

The Promise - A Chinese New Year Story 

The Promise - A Chinese New Year Story (Part 2 - 2014)

The Promise - Happy Father's Day? (Part 3 - 2014)

Tell Me what's your feeling about all video here!

I am sure you can get a lot feeling towards your loved one!

call them & spending time when you miss them!

check out more latest short film and event coverage from Virtigo Studio 

Happy Chinese New Year Once Again!

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