My First Day of Puasa 2016

by - June 06, 2016

Hie, Today I am going to share with you. my 1st-time experience to puasa/fasting for full 14hours

from 5.30am to 7.30pm. 6/6/2016

The fasting month of Ramadan is an annual religious practice of Muslims prior to the "Hari Raya Puasa" celebration. During the one-month period, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

My Sahur with bodydream chocolate drink!
yummy and smell a bit of banana also!

In between the fasting, I am feel a bit of dizzy, but still bearable and make myself busy with work.
Surprising I am craving for coffee instead of food!
but I know it is coffee is going to dehydrate my body fluid!
So maybe from today onward I try to skip my coffee and drink something healthy for the fasting period!

Yes. I very agree with my buddy Ariq , Puasa is all about Nutrition knowledge,
to listen & understand what your body tell you to take and give up.

Then I Buka Puasa with hubby at home, with Shogun2u Delivery - Vege Bibimbap
For me, during the buka puasa time, I don't really into food but DRINKS first!
After 14 hours of fasting, your satisfaction is there, you will more appreciate your foods and bonding time with your loved one.

P/S : My FASTING Journey Is not about religion /diet but to stronger my determination level. 
If I think I can do it, I sure can do it!

Thanks for all the Malay friends to support me via facebook WhatsApppp!
I will continue whenever I am fit to fasting!
I really Appreciate it, 
maybe should listen friend's advises that get the Kurma/Dates for better energy saver!

Selamat BerPuasa Ya! 

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