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Roger Roger Mommies Out There!!!

Wanna Lost Weight After Give Birth Baby But Worry on the Ingredients that might Reduce Your Precious Breast Milk?

No Worries!!!
I am here to tell you that forget about your slimming pills, your corsets!
Now! you can slim down by naturally & safe with them & their product!

Who are they?
They are a couple of husband and wife Syukri Harish & Suhaili Salleh, The Founder of OLATHEE LUSLIMLABEB! 

Established in early 2016 by a couple of husband and wife Syukri Harish & Suhaili Salleh, Olathee aim to provide the best and natural ingredients to form a specific food & drinks for beauty and health. All of Olathee's products are also made for specific individual that cared about their appearance and total body health. Most of the supplements or food for beauty and health today are enhanced with various chemical and artificial ingredients that might gives a fast results but will affect the consumer and we are here to change all of that. Not just saying it, but we tested it and we did it.
Olathee is a combination of Olathe and Empire.
Olathe (oh-LAY-the/O.la.the) is a native American name that translated to 'beauty'. We are inspired by the native american tribes in the old days that only use plant based ingredients to form a healing elixir that almost cures anything. It is proven that since the old days we don't need chemical based ingredients to be an aid as the organic and natural based ingredients are the purest and most beneficial to be the best aid. One thing for sure is that natural based ingredients doesn't leaves any harmful side effects.
Empire is just another meaning for a business organization. Hence Olathee is a beauty business organization that will grow to suit Malaysian needs for natural products.
LUSLIMLABEB is our 1st natural based ingredients products specifically made for slimming. This herbal tea is formulated from 13 real herbs that has been tested by our very own co-founder that once lose hope to lose her weight because she had tried so many slimming products but none of the works. Sadly, most of the slimming products only give her a dangerous side effects such as heart palpitation, unconsciousness and insomnia.
Proven to be effective even it is made from natural ingredients, LUSLIMLABEB has helped not only the co-founder but many happy customers to achieve their dream goal to lose weight without having to spend a lot of money on chemical based products that promised nothing but only pain.

Almost 1 Year of R&D, OLATHEE LUSLIMLABEB is out with LUSLIMLABEB For Mommies, 

NOW, Mommies Can Lost Weight With 7 Different Natural Herbs without Hassle.

Yes, It is BreastFeeding Mommy Friendly!!

LUSLIMLABEB™ Mommies is a NEW and another natural slimming program that are based on our best selling LUSLIMLABEB Morning Boost & Evening Doze Off. The original LUSLIMLABEB Morning Boost & Evening Doze Off comes with total of 13 ingredients that are not suitable to be consumed by mommies. With years of request from mommies that wanted to lose weight with a natural approach, Olathee finally comes with LUSLIMLABEB™ Mommies.

Blended with 7 different herbs, LUSLIMLABEB™ Mommies is a new caffeine-free and high in antioxidant that is made specifically for mommies that wanted to lose weight with something natural and non harmful for the babies.

Happy Birthday Madam Ell, Which Has the Same Birthday with Me that Fall on 26/12!

Congratulations to Your New Products Launch & Wishing You All The Best & May All Your Dream Come True As You Wish to helps More People to reduce weight safely and naturally.

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