Kryptonite Production : Full-Scale Advertising Agency For Your Company

by - September 03, 2021

Nowadays Everyone is on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn) to look for Business/Services. So The Professional Branding (Company Services/Products In Videos, Photo & Official Website) is Very Important but Only Photography & Videography is not enough to get your company to get found and noticeable & talked about...
How About Professional Photography + Videography + PR + Social Media Marketing + Variants of Ads Channel? 

Kryptonite Production - an advertising agency providing full-scale marketing and advertising services. 

Founded in 2015, as KRYPTONITE PRODUCTION SDN BHD, they have consistently garnered successful outcomes for clients through aggressive marketing strategies. 
They continuously create mementos of special moments with dedication, spirit, talent, professionalism, patience & integrity to our clients. 

Kryptonite Production has its own production team who is based in Malaysia and they extend its services up to Singapore, Brunei, Thailand & Indonesia.

Let's Check Out Some of Their Corporate Videos that will be eye-catching for your potential customers & Partners: 

Other Than Corporate Shooting & Public Relations & Social Media Marketing as above, The also provides skilled professionals for event photography & videography, music video productions, PSA video production, Wedding, Make-Up Services.

Wedding Actual Day Christina and Kim Fat - Kryptonite Entertainment

CONTACT Kryptonite Production
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No 9-2, Jalan Mahkota Residence 1,
Bandar Mahkota Cheras,
43200 Selangor.

Jun 012-2230440
Genie 012-3577007


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