Introducing the new MARRYBROWN mobile app

by - April 16, 2022

Now you can download the new MARRYBROWN app with attractive Buddy Meal deals! Enjoy real-time access to the menu, promotions and latest news from MARRYBROWN. Download the App now for exciting specials created for you!
Introducing the new MARRYBROWN mobile app. Plan your next visit with ease and take advantage of our great Buddy Meal deals. Customize any meal to suit your taste and get the latest menu, promotions, and specials—all at your fingertips!

MB Cheesy Burger and Cheesy Wedges Only RM10.99

All the MB App Flash Deals have been fully redeemed from the MB App But it isn't over yet because we have more MB App Deals coming soon from time to time! Stay tuned for more CRAZY app deals coming your way. The quantity is LIMITED AND ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS, so try your best before someone else grabs it!

你有没有从 @marrybrownmy (MB)新推出的 #MBapp 应用程序兑换超值优惠??

网传听说只用RM1 就可以买到RM31.90 的 Buddy Meal!

您现在可以通过 下载 MB App 应用程序 并一起等待他们不时发布的超值优惠!(现在下载就送你一块炸鸡哦!)

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