Edelweiss @ Tropicana Gardens: My Friend's Journey to Modern Living

by - May 08, 2024

Accompany Me in Exploring Edelweiss @ Tropicana Gardens: My Friend's Journey to Modern Living

Few days ago, my friend, Mindy asked me to hang out at Tropicana Gardens Mall. She told me she is expecting a baby and thinking of upgrading her living space. However, her hubby's tied up with work, so she asked me to help her scout out houses in Petaling Jaya. Her husband is working in PJ so she's looking for houses nearby. 

And then suddenly, we bumped into a project called Edelweiss @ Tropicana Gardens. The salesperson invited us to the property gallery to learn further about it.

As we roamed around, we stumbled upon Edelweiss @ Tropicana Gardens. Mindy was immediately intrigued by it. The salesperson there explained that the development had three main parts: Serviced Residences, Small Office Flexible Office (SoFo), and Shoppes, all spread out across two towers. It is a high-rise residential development that offers 630 units of elegant and spacious apartments across 42 levels.

After giving some brief information on the project, the salesperson then brought us to visit the show unit. 

Guess what? ALL units come partially furnished! That means when Mindy unpacks her boxes and settles in, she won't need to worry about buying air conditioners, kitchen cabinets, or even any smart home system. It's all there, ready and waiting to make her life easier! 

Forgot to lock the door? No problem, just tap your phone. Feeling too lazy to get up and adjust the AC? Easy, just a few taps on your screen, and you're good to go. Yep! And knowing Mindy, I just knew that this project and she are a match made in heaven because she always forgets things……..shhhhhh it’s a secret okay. 

Have I ever mentioned that Mindy doesn't drive? As a housewife, she often relies on e-hailing services, public transport, and even delivery services to get her necessities or to reach other places. Sometimes, managing all the driving responsibilities can be tough for her husband too. However, if they were to live here, Mindy could easily take the bus or MRT to run her errands offering her more flexibility and convenience. Edelweiss also is only 200 metres away from Tropicana Gardens Mall, conveniently linked via a pedestrian bridge and this means that she is spoiled for choice with an abundance of options nearby, ranging from shopping and dining to entertainment, all just a short walk away from her doorstep.

Moreover, Mindy has the practical advantage of being able to buy groceries downstairs at Edelweiss Shoppes. With its two levels of shops, she can effortlessly ride the lift down, enjoying a diverse selection and convenient access for her shopping necessities.

Despite the demands of her husband's job, the nearby highways play a crucial role in ensuring his commuting experience is more manageable. With easy access to prominent routes like the North-South Expressway (NSE), New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE), Damansara-Shah Alam Elevated Expressway (DASH), Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP), Penchala Link, and SPRINT Highway, he can efficiently reach his destinations. This convenience adds to the appeal of living in Edelweiss, ensuring a seamless balance between work and home life.

In the coming years, their son will also have the option to attend nearby educational facilities such as St. Joseph Institution International School and SEGi University, guaranteeing them top-notch education. 

Along her journey to find the right home, she mentioned to me that Edelweiss surpasses the other two projects she's explored, making it the most suitable option for their requirements. So when the salesperson informed us that all of the other serviced residence units at the previous towers - Arnica, Bayberry, Cyperus, and Dianthus, are now occupied by residents and now left only a few units at Edelweiss, she quickly called her husband and decided to place a booking fee on the best unit available during that time. And for me as a friend, I’m very happy that she has finally found her perfect home and truly grateful to be included in her pursuit of the ideal residence.

If you want to check out further on Edelweiss @ Tropicana Gardens, do give them a visit at Tropicana Gardens Property Gallery which is located at Tropicana Gardens Mall. You can also explore more details on their website at https://edelweiss.tropicanagardens.com.my.  

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