IDI 1858 -151 Years Anniversary Celebration @ 1u

by - October 09, 2009

IDI 1858 -151 Years Anniversary Celebration
( IDI 1858 - 欢庆151周年纪念 )
Yesterday I called them to reserved.
Today about 12.15pm, i reach there n have some consultation from the BA, within 15min,
then i can realised my skin is quite okay, jz during girl's period time"inbalance Hormono" bomb up some pimple on cheeky & Foreheads .
Their BA also very friendly, and Infomative also..
after that, i got my goodies bag worth RM151
(50ml soothing cream, Guardian Shower Gel & Cotton Buds)

The Right Hand Side Photo Of a Devil's Teng Teng is a token of Charity Contribution on World Pink Event @ The Garden,
I Have Put Up 1 photo in The Garden, Can U Spotted Me There, When u going to The Garden....

so Far, i realised Their product Are Not bad, i Kind Interested with 1 product which is anti age-ing, anti-oksidation, with the skin tone color.

Hurray!! Today Isetan Pre-sales, I Dun Buy Anything !!!

Ringgit Malaysia ZERO / RM0.00 SHOPPING DAY !!

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