Dentyne ConfiDance - Dance Workshop "Soul Groove"

by - June 06, 2010

Dance Workshop
“Soul Groove” Dance Workshop conducted by
Urban Groove Dance Professionals

aimed at boosting your confidence on the dance floor
andmake your dance floor experience
a fun & enjoyable one! So, sign up today!

Register now!
Only 150 pax per session!
Registration fee:RM10 per person

All you have to do is
form here
2. Fill
up the form
3. Email
back to us @
Closing date:
Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Kuala Lumpur
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Dancers' Association (KLDA), Wisma OCM
: 19 & 26 June 2010
Available Time Slot
: 10am | 1pm | 4pm

Venue: Traders Hotel
: 20 June 2010
Available Time Slot
: 1pm | 4pm

Venue: Melaka International Trade Convention
: 27 June 2010
Available Time Slot
: 10am | 1pm | 4pm

Workshop Requirement

DanceAttire 1. Participants should not wear any jewelry.
2. Participants’ hair needs to be confined and out of the her/his face.

3. Participants should wear comfortable,
decent clothing that are suitable for movements.
No jeans or overly baggy attire.
Attire that are overly revealing are not allowed.

4. Participants should wear sports shoes
or casual sneakers.
1. Participants should arrive 30 minutes
before workshop for registration purposes.

2. Participants are to pay the RM10.00 registration fee
in cash at the registration counter.

Physical conditions

1. Participants are not allowed to smoke,
curse or fight during the workshop.

2. Participants must ensure that they are in good health condition when
participating and to notify Organizer if suffering from any sickness.

3. Participants must not bring or consume any alcoholic drinks
before and during the workshop.

4. Participants must practice proper discipline and not be rowdy,
showing off or execute any moves that participants are trained to do.

5. Participants are encouraged to have a light meal an hour before workshop.

6. Participants are encouraged to bring sufficient drinking water to keep hydrated.

Most importantly, participants should expect and have lots of fun, get to know new friends and be prepared to boost your confidence on the dance floor!

I am going for 19 June, 2:30pm. KL Session !
See You There

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