Event : Shape Run 2010~ During & after the Run

星期二, 八月 03, 2010

here Wua Started my Run as well. Excited...

 Our Milestones on 2.5KM. Half Way Back !

 Finally Finish the Run within 50mins. Yuhoo!!
My goodies bag is waiting for me!!!
Fast FAST Fast!!!!
What is the Best food after 5km Running???
Guess !!!!
Guess !!!!!!
Tada!! is Apple ! Best food ever after running!!!
Mummy & Wua With Cert & Goodies Bags.
dear dear & Wua with Cert & Goodies Bag
Dear Dear meet his friends there as well.

Goodies Bag for Girls

Goodies Bag for Boys!

The End of Shape Run 2010!
See You Next Year! 2011!

I am waiting for walk for pink that organized by Estee Lauder Company.

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4 评论

  1. wow! it looks fun! too bad i'm not a runner -_-"

  2. Yuhoo, Eggyolk come and visit me!
    Happy Me !!!
    actually i also not a runner, jz takes about 45mins to finish the run.

    have fun & to grab the goodies bag!

  3. congrats you make it! yeah me no runner I would run if my family join me

  4. Yes, Sherry is in my mind, my motivation is come from Family. i wan to run with my family. so i can finish my run!