Cell Labs Exchange Programs – The End

星期日, 十月 17, 2010

Remember I post a blog about CellLabs Exchange Program, it is good time to share my story of exchange CellLabs.

As you know Wua have consumed collagen for quite a period, then it is a chance for me to try out another Collagen stuff of thing to keep young and beautiful. With only 1 empty bottle of collagen then you can exchange Cell Labs 10s Capsules by paying RM1 which worth RM79.

I went to Mid Valley Megamall and manage to exchange 2 and I gave 1 empty bottle to John to exchange as well, hope he will become more lengchai! Hahaha.

Then the SA informed that the CellLabs is more than Collagen, it can provide nutrition/benefit for the whole body instead of only face.

by the time I reach Mid Valley, My Heart was at Lewre Sales ! but as my shoe size is too common to all the women, so it is not the time to grab in Lewre Sales, Even @ Vincci & Nose…. Can anyone guess how big my shoe size is?

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3 评论

  1. so long not here, I was admitted hospital so no visit you

  2. Rane : Yes u are right is size 6, too common right!

    Sherry : Welcome Back, Are u okay? Take Care Ya!