星期五, 十月 08, 2010

With every purchase of 2 NH Colla Plus Value Pack in a single receipt,
you are now entitled to redeem3 bottles of NH F’rm Plus for FREE!
It is so simple that you only have to follow the steps below:
1. Keep the receipt of purchase.

2. Scan the receipt or take a clear image of the receipt with handphone.

3. Send us the image of the receipt via e-mail to

4. Type & complete the information / details as below in the mail: -
Full Name: -
Contact No: -
IC: -
Add: -
Please answer a question:
How Colla Plus has helped you to improve your skin condition?

5. After we have received your information,
we shall proceed further and send the free gift to you.
*Just a friendly reminder to you: ~ Every customer (age 18 & above) only limited to 1 time redemption.

~ For those with incomplete information or participate for more than 1 time will not be entertained.

Thanks! Happy Redemption!

现在随购买2桶的NH Colla Plus超值庄,
并以单一收据为准,您就可凭收据换取3瓶的NH F’rm Plus美胸饮品!
1. 购买后请保存收据(只限单一收据)。

2. 将收据扫描存档或以手机清晰地拍下收据。

3. 将它透过电邮发送到。

4. 并且在电邮中附上个人资料,如下: -
姓名: -
联络电话: -
身份证号码: -
地址: -
请回答一道问题: 饮用Colla Plus后,它给了您的肌肤 什么改变呢?

5. 当我们接收到您的电邮后,我们会进行处理,随后会送出3瓶的NH F’rm Plus美胸饮品给您。

*温馨提醒您 ~每位顾客只限换取一次,并且已年满18岁或以上。
~资料不完整者以及兑换次数超限者将不受理。 谢谢!

For More Info : Check Out Their Facebook : Nh Colla Plus

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