Brand Story of Sophie Monk Beauty - 品牌故事

by - June 09, 2011

Sophie Monk 结合日本设计师群,收集东京最强的保养讯息与趋势,将原生的东京保养和时尚风格,结合台湾最新的技术,给予目前爱好日系品牌的热带国家的消费者,最清爽,零负担的保养品。

拥有专业活性萃取成分的上质日系保养Sophie Monk,以极佳的复合效性达到二段式完整性修复及全面性保护。独家专利植物活性成分集中修护,温和不刺激,适合各种肤质,有效彻底改善问题肌肤,肌肤不再随内外在因素受损。

Model 界盛传的美肌养成术保养奇肌[Sophie Monk Beauty]让你以平价享受专柜品质的不断修复,打造逆龄完美的好肤质。


Did you Sophie today?

Sophie Monk gathers Japanese Designer + Taiwan Latest R&D Technology proudly present Non Greasy, Zero Burden, High rated skincare which specially designed for Hot Weather Countries.

Sophie Monk’s revolutionary formula with natural botanical ingredient intercepts amped-up melanin production and acts like a “cluster-buster to break up pre-formed discolorations and rapidly restore clarity.

Taiwan &Japan's Model & Celebs Favorite Whitening Product, now you can enjoy high quality skincare @ affordable Price.

A Healthier Looking future for skin begins here!

Let’s our skin breath with Sophie Monk!!

Stay Tuned More Promotion & Info About Sophie Monk.

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