Acca Kappa @ Belfry Salon

by - July 18, 2011

Interior of Belfry Salon,
I like the antique style Mirror!
Mirror Mirror on the Belfry, Who's the Devil's Women in the World?

Hair Analysis by Hair Expert.
Hair Analysis result is out :
1. Devil's Hair cuticle still ok.
2. Devil's Hair are sensitive due to scratch the scalp too hard,
(need to gentle to my baby hair scalp now)
3. Devil's Hair Growth can be improve better,
1 pore can grow up to 3 hair, i got 2 ! Yeap!

with Elaine , 
explanation on Acca Kappa's brush function and structures.   

Part of the Acca Kappa's Brushes
Part of the Acca Kappa's Hair Products

after with Elaine's explanation on Acca Kappa Brush
I decided i like this massage brush.

New Launched Acca Kappa Protection Brush 

Matthew Mack Director of The Belfry Salon

My Honour, Matthew selected Me!!!!
I been selected as the model for this hair demostration
1st, put one the robe
Shampoo &Conditioning my hair

Oh! Their Shampoo & Conditioner are Smell so YUMMY
Can i eat my Hair with  the scent of CARAMEL!!

Matthew mentioned that if you have tangled hair,
u need to brush the hair 1st before going to blow dry your hair
to prevent pulling your hair hard.

Looking at Matthew explain on the tips & tricks
on Hair Blow Drying Technique
Sectioning your hair 1st before blow dry
To blow dry it evenly

Blow Dry in Progress

Yeah! My Hair Is Done!
More Volume and Puffy without using any Mousse /Hair Styling Product

Matthew & Me

Others Blogger In Action
Kelly AKA Miss SunShine

Fatin AKA Chocolate Cat

Janoah AKA Law of Fashion

My Outfit of the Event

Halter Jumper
Beaded Necklace
Leopard Prints Open Toe Heel

Stay Tune On My Review for This Protection Brush

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