Himalaya - My Hair My Mane Woe Workshop

by - July 27, 2011

Want to have Sleek, Shine, Chemical Free Hair Like Wua?
With Himalaya - My Hair My Mane Woe Workshop
@ Sunway Pyramid, A Cut Above Academy.

Check It Out How !!

Hair analysis in progress

My hair condition is improved after using 3 month of using CW product & Acca Kappa Brush !
It really grow up to 3 hairs per pore!

But from time to time my hair scalp becomes oily as above.
(The shines means oils)

From my understanding, u need to take care your hair scalp to prevent it become oily,
Because a oily hair scalp will cause your hair pore clogged.
It is your danger time !!!!!!
Then you hair will start got dandruff , hair fall problem!

Your face need oil control skincare, for your hair scalp need a oil control products as well!

Currently Himalaya got 5 new ranges which are 
Anti Danduff Range, 
Anti Hair Fall, 
Protein Conditioner Range, 
Protein Shampoo Range &
Protein Shampoo.

Don’t you think Danduff problem user should
take care their hair based on their hair type?

Yes! Himalaya take care this Danduff problem , 
they have 3 ranges for Anti-Danduff.
* Gentle Clean for Normal Hair
* Soothing & Moisturizing for Dry/Damaged Hair
* Volume & Bounce for Flat/Greasy Hair

Himalaya’s Hair products are No SLS &SLES,
They believe Strong & Healthy Hair.
For a Complete Himalaya Hair Regime, it got 4 to 5 Steps:-

Step 1 – Pre-Wash Nourishment, which I found that, it is very good for scalp.
(Massage , Massage & Massage)

Step 2 – Cleanse

Step 3 – Conditioning
Take a Break!
Without Devil's Face :P

Step 4 – All-Day Leave On Protection

Step 5 – Hair Treatment.

What's products that suit my hair condition? 
Revitasing Hair Oil
Protein Shampoo Volume & Bounce Shampoo
Protein Shampoo Colour Protect
Protein Hair Cream

Himalaya Hair Product& Wua

Full Range of Himalaya Shampoo Series!
(Click to Enlarge) 

Overall devil's Love
Revitasing Hair Oil
Time to Pampering & Massage My Scalp

Remember to Pamper Your Hair Scalp as Your Face NOW!
Hair Are Key to your Beauty as well! 

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