Wacoal 2011 Pink Ribbon Campaign @ 1 Utama

星期一, 十月 10, 2011

Wacoal Malaysia launched its 2011 Pink Ribbon Campaign to promote breast cancer awareness on 1 Oct at the “Highstreet” of 1 Utama Shopping Centre

To help spread awareness on early detection of breast cancer,
Wacoal specially engaged two of most inspiring beauty queens-turned artistes
Elaine Daly(right) & Debbie Goh (left)
to its Pink Ribbon Campaign launch this year.

To kick off the event, Executive Director of Wacoal Malaysia,
Mr Hisau Sugiyama & its Director, Mr Vincent Leong
& others partners from Parkson, Assunta. 
accompanied by the 2 celebrities, officially launched the
Wacoal 2011 Pink Ribbon Campaign

Let's PINK catwalk starts Here~

Sweet rite!
can my wedding wear like this?

Debbie 说:關注乳房健康並不是個人的事,因為擁有健康的身體和心靈,才能夠照顧及關心你身邊所愛的人。

i learn alot from the events
i realised wacoal have a "remamma" bra
that Wacoal Japan has developed an original range of Remamma products from women who undergone operations for breast cancer. The Wacoal's Remamma Bra & Prosthesis is a speacial brassieres dedicated to assist post breast cancer operative women

love your breast for your better life!

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  1. love your breast for your better life! Hehe... why didnt see pic of yourself one?

  2. very messy look of myself that day! pai seh Neh!

  3. So did u wear pink bra also on tat day? Ya love ur nice breast

  4. i did not wear pink bra on that day, jz other color bra!

  5. so u getting married soon is it? if yes congratulation.