Wild Devil with FreshKon Alluring Eyes Contact Lens

星期日, 十月 16, 2011

Based on a contact lens user for more then 20 years plus.
What she expect from a new contact lens with few facts to be concern.

  1. Sharp Vision
  2. Moistness of the contact lens
  3. Make-Up Friendly
  4. Long Hour Wearing
  5. Contact Lens - Not too soft/hard
  6. Ocular
  7. Curling Problem
Let's see Freshkon's contact lens features can fulfill a contact len user requipment or not!

Let's See How powerful of FreshKon Alluring Eyes!

Additional Features from FreshKon Alluring Eyes Contact Lens

  1. Higher DK value (23) => Better ocular health
  2. Full circle print => Bigger and Brighter eyes
  3. Wide power range (up to –10.00D)

My 1st ever FreshKon Alluring Eyes Contact Lens

In Winsome Brown.

Devil with FreshKon Alluring Eyes Contact Lens

(Left with FreshKon Alluring Eye Contact Lens)
(Right with my small Eye)
Close Up


Wild Devil With FreshKon Alluring Eye Contact Lens!

Currently FreshKon Alluring Eyes are looking Models 

for more information/participate.

Where to buy this awesome Freshkon Alluring Eye:
check out your nearest optical stores HERE 

Stay Tuned on devil's proper way to wear contact lens :)

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5 评论

  1. Thanks Henry!
    Act Cool But look Funny!

  2. Hi Camy!
    Thanks for your Support!
    Try My best in Contact Lens

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