TIps : 7 Reason Why Your Pelvic Floor Needs You

by - April 13, 2012

 7 Reason Why Your Pelvic Floor Needs You


Beauty Starts With Better Health

Like other muscles, without regular exercise, your Pelvic Floor muscles stretch and weaken as part of the natural process of aging. It is recommended that every women exercise the Pelvic Floor mucles twice daily in order to keep them fit and healthy, maintainin a beautiful you both inside and out


Childbirth And Pregnancy

Strong Pelvic Floor muscles play a big role in giving you a safe and healthy pregnancy. During pregrancy, the Pelvic Floor muscles have to carry the additional weight of the baby and during childbirth, the Pelvic Floor muscles help to push the baby out, ensuring a smooth delivery.


Natural Aging And Menopause

Strengthening the Pelvic Floor muscles can make menopause a less daunting experience by helping you to avoid incontinence, organ prolapse and sexual dysfunction.


Elevates Confidence And Improves Sexual Response

As Pelvic Floor muscles are directly responsible for contracting rhythmically during orgasms, strong Pelvic Floor muscles enchance the overall sexual experience for both you and your partner


Prevent Pelvic Organ Prolapse

The Pelvic Floor muscles hold the pelvic organs (bladder and uterus) in position. Strong Pelvic Floor muscles are required to ensure that the pelvic organs do not sag and fall into the vaginal canal.


Avoid Or Treat Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a frustrating problem and can happen to any woman. Strengthening the Pelvic Floor muscles can prevent and treat incontience.


Alternative To Surgery, Medication, Adult Diapers And Pads

Strong pelvic floor muscles help you to prevent urinary incontinence and organ prolapse, allowing you to avoid the inconvenience and cost associated with treating these avoidable problems.

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