My journey with Gamila Secret

by - September 22, 2012

from a breakouts /detoxed to a rosy & flawless skinYes, I believe it ,and i continuously use for 28days !!
this is the result i got from using gamila secret creamy bar confidently ! 

what's gamila secret so awesome?
let check out !

i rub and rub the gamila secret with running water to lather up.... 
then i used my foaming net to lathering is much more easier.
(show you next time , how you can DIY a foaming net to lather your cleanser)

from the day 1 i used gamila secret creamy bar, my skin feeling dry and tight.hmmm...... then the skin starts reaction toward gamila secret creamy bar with itchy, redness, breakouts as you can see from the photo ...

mummy starts to worry and ask "what happen to your skin", are you okay? 
your skin are redness and swollen ?

Ops, I am starts to worry about it & asked the PIC, then she told me than it is always a detoxification for using chemical cleanser on long term basic, and gamila secret is 100% natural and shouldn't be a problem for adult as the children below 3month are safe to used on this gamila secret creamy bar.

The cream bar is a process to regenerate your skin system;  the first couple of days, you may experience reaction like peeling and break out. It is a deep cleanup for the skin system .
If you be persistent continue to use it for 28days, you will notice the change.
However it is your decision whether you would like to carry on this product or not.   
Please note you cannot  mix using with other cleansing product together with the cream bar. 

Okay , I take a responsibility on my skin to using gamila secret creamy bar.
1 week ......
2 week ..........
3 week ..............

after 28days of using 100% natural gamila secret creamy bar in original flavor.
i realized my skin is out from breakouts and
it starts to smoother and glowing ...
with this photo, i am no make-up, no touch up, no conceal at all.
is the 100% natural me with a rosy pink skin!
i like the most!! 

Get the Gamila Secret Creamy Bar from :
RM119 - 60g
RM66 - 30g

Lot 222 & 228, 4th & 5th Floor
The Gardens, Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
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Tel: (603) 2289-8588
Opening Hours
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Bandar Sunway
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Opening Hours
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