Gel + Cream formulation Foundation from RMK

by - October 01, 2012

RMK’s new Gel Creamy Foundation takes technology further to perfect your skin. The
unique blend of fresh gel and rich cream texturizes and strikes the golden balance for
two qualities that we seek in a naturally perfect skin: a moisturized dewy translucent
glow from within, and a fine semi matte porcelain textured surface. The new Micro Mist
Powder technology and Salvia Extract, helps your foundation last all day, whilst
abundant doses of natural premium skincare ingredients will work to pamper your skin
beneath the foundation.

The new gel formulation that recognizes that translucency, richness and full coverage of
a creamy texture combine together for an unbelievable second-skin experience created
to last.

The premium skincare ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Royal Jelly Extracts
treat and pamper the skin underneath, allowing for the skin to glow through the makeup.
This skin perfection with its sebum-absorbing and anti-oxidizing natural ingredients lasts
throughout the day

Gel + Cream = a breakthrough combination of 2 polar opposites:

A fresh dew-like texture of gel gives the ultimate crystalline natural skin, and the
experience of bare-skin lightness. The richness of the cream will provide coverage and
protects all goodness and moisture provided by infused skincare ingredients. Combined
together in Amino Jelly Oil** to ensure the formula fits to the skin to make all surface
bump free.

Amino Jelly Oil*: 
The rich creamy texture is the result of the special blend of skin-loving Amino emollient
oil, and the Jelly oil  creates a smooth silky veil on the skin. It drenches the skin with
moisture provided by infused skincare ingredients as Hyaluronic Acid, Royal Jelly
Extract andβCarotene sealed within the skin underneath.

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