Guest Review : Clean&Clear Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser

by - April 28, 2013

My Guy Guest's Review after 1 week usage(Skin Type:Oily) :   When open the seal of Clean & Clear® Deep Pore Cleanser , fresh apple smell over the place,the texture of the cleanser with very fine mircobead, massage it and rinse off with luke water. I feel it's refreshing and smoother, oil free for at least 8 hours,  but it is not recommended who have dry skin, it will get off your sebum, makes your skin drier. Will recommend to friends who have oily skin and clogged pores. 

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Clean & Clear® Deep Pore Cleanser

The all-new cleanser features a few Clean & Clear® technologies to improve teens oily and blackheads condition.  The first is Pure Rice™ technology, a special extract of all-natural rice protein which has a unique structure to soak up oil from the skin like a micro-sponge all day long.  It works mainly by attracting and capturing sebum (oily secretions from skin) from skin pores 8 times faster and lasting up to 8 hours.

Clean & Clear® Daily Pore Cleanser is clinically tested and proven to be able to reduce sebum up to 25 per cent in just three weeks with continuous usage.  With such effectiveness, it is also gentle and mild to the skin, and as such can be used daily without hesitation.

Another Clean & Clear® technology in the Daily Pore Cleanser is encapsulated in its apple micro scrub and natural apple fruit acid formula.  This formulation helps to remove blackheads effectively and gently and visible results of lesser blackheads can be seen in just three days with regular usage.

Additionally, Clean & Clear® Deep Pore Cleanser also contains Salicylic Acid that penetrates into the epidermis and into the pores to prevent clogged pores.  This also helps to remove blackheads, but more importantly, it prevents future blackheads from forming.

Clean & Clear® Daily Pore Cleanser is available in 50gm and 100gm at major super and hypermarkets as well as pharmacies.  For more information on Clean & Clear® and its line of products, check out “My Clean & Clear” on

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