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by - April 08, 2013

Do you have WeChat in your smartphone ? Yes/No, NO, then you Should have WeChat in your smartphone no matter what model you have, as WeChat works on iOS, Android, Window Phone, Symbian and Blackberry! Remember last year WeChat Launch Party I attended @ Zouk KL, Here

Time flies, WeChat app is almost 1 year old at Malaysia. So WeChat also organize a WeChat Party 2013 at Neverland, Kuala Lumpur. This event also to witness the launch of WeChat's new TVC with Lisa Surihani & Shaheizy Sam.
The party kick off with welcome Speech by Mr. Poshu Yeung 
(Vice President,Tencent International Business)As such, the company has released three TV commercials in Bahasa Malaysia promoting the app and its features, as well as appointing two local celebrities (Lisa Surihani & Shaheizy Sam)as WeChat brand ambassadors for Malaysia.

Add Mereka dlm WeChat ya!

back to party with Huge crowd.

Perfomance by Vivian Chua

Follow her Official WeChat account for more updates
 her at ID: imvivianchua

WeChat is available for 17 languages including English Chinese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Thai
Vietnamese, Russian & Bahasa Malaysia!
(Maybe you can get a French Guy BF with WeChat! Cool right!)

Perfomance by Henley Hii
Follow his Official WeChat account for more updates 
 her at ID: Henley_Hii

Ya, you can even do group chats up to 100 peoples, sending voice, video, photo and text messages
with WeChat. 

WeChat to reward the bloggers/ guests with 1st Game Session.
Girl Power Team won this Game by answering question.
Their won themselves a 500G hard disk.

Perfomance by Awi Rafael
Follow Alwi WeChat Official Account too!

Never Get the Party Fun with Games Again!
This Time Come with Grand Prize , Ipad!!

Mr Poshu with Models

Devil & Girl Friends

My most favorite features in WeChat is "Shake"
when you are bored, just shake around and know the people around the world
I like to see the distance as in like 111111 KM away. haha..

You can download your WeChat Apps @
Apple Store / Google Playlist


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