Brand's InnerShine Gala Dinner

by - June 10, 2013

I been informed that I won the 2 invitations to the Brand's InnerShine Gala Night.
Such as very special glam Gala Night, How Can I missed to bring mummy along to experience it.
we reach there about 4.30pm with rain, reach the registeration counter and come with Purplish box, 

then proceed to photo shooting with all the elegent & handsome models.

As a No.1 Fans of InnerShine,Must be excited what's going on on the dinner, 
at 1st, we are be escot by all the models again. we are VIP of the night.

Spotlight of the Night is New Products Launching actually.
starts with the back of the scene of new TVC going live right after the dinner,
which means we are the first few to watch the TVC in the ballroom.

New InnerShine Products must come with new packaging & new ambassador. 

The new ambassador is Izara Aishah.

The Key Ingredients of InnerShine Prune Essence Plus Camu Camu.

Californian Prunes

Extremely rich in dietary fibre, containing high levels of Vitamin C
Effective in delaying the ageing process promotes a healthy digestive system

Camu Camu Fruit 
A rare "superfruit" that can only be found in the Amazon rainforest, Peru
Known as the fruit with the highest recorded amount of Vitamin C in the world
Gives you a more youthful and supple complexion

Detoxifies the body to give you a more radiant skin
Improves bowel movement
Promotes a healthy digestive system
*2x more fibre compared to the previous formula.

Vitamin C
Helps the body with the production of collagen to give you a youthful complexion
Rich in antioxidants to help your body combat free radicals

based on my opinion, 
Packaging of the new InnerShine Prune Essence Plus Camu Camu is kind a fruit juice look, 
without an Image/Idea of beauty supplement. Lower down the
4 Courses of Fine Dinning been served as dinner as early as like 5.30pm onward.
kind a early dinner for us.
Out of sudden, the pretty & handsome surprisely hand us the gorgeous thank you gifts, inside consist of sparkling purple butterfly pendant necklace & 3 bottles of New InnerShine Prune Essence Plus Camu Camu.
at the end of the main course, we got another bottle of chilled InnerShine Prune Essence plus Camu Camu.
For best results, drink one bottle of Innershine® Prune Essence plus Camu Camu every night.

The whole event is entertained by Sexy Latin Dance & 2 Malay Rapper.
If there is some lucky draw going in the run-down would be better.
at least more interactive with the floor.

Our Purple Outfit, We feel like we are under-dress. Should dress more nicer.

Price : 
30.50 for 6 bottles 
57.90 for 12 bottles

For More Information :

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