bloop & HiShop Candy Makeup Party

by - June 27, 2013

Had any of the girl come across Bloop Cosmetic at shopping mall?

let me introduce you more about bloop is a makeup made easy represents a new generation of makeup to help women combat the highly demanding and competitive world.

bloop products are engineered by PASSION & LOVE, working with is international partners and beauty experts from around world, bloop has access to the best line of cosmetics manufacturing, research & technological advancement available today.

I attended Candy Makeup Party orginised by bloop & HiShop, the bloop counter is surrounding with all sweet, they are treating us to a day out while embracing bloop's love for sweet indulgences, I ask you all girls, who don't love sweet treat at all.

I starts my day with basic make up introduction/demo by Mrs. Chan, the founder from bloop, i like bloop 2 way cake powder, then coverage is average, and it really can blotted out my oil immediately.

followed by blusher part, bloop have 2 type texture of blusher, cream type & powder type, my personal ly like the cream type as for long lasting and coloris more pigmented,then still with the puff puff to set the blusher.

Coming to My Favorite Session of Make-Up, Eye MAKE UP! 
bloop have a wide range of eyeshadow colors, really CANDILIOUS! the eyeshadow is kind of fine and pigmented, Mrs Chan demo the way to do highlight , find the V shape on the outer layer for eyeshadows, for the eye liner part, i found out their liquid eye liquid is so dark and dry out very fast. 

Lip Make Up come to learn new things from bloop, bloop have a semi permenant lip color that can act as lip liner for a fuller lips, the lip color can last for 4-6 hours, 

That's Done with Our Hand-On Makeup with Mrs Chan. 
Now Comes to the time for us to create our Candy look for CANDY MAKEUP CONTEST!

we are given 15 mins to complete it,. 

Okay I am already come across raibow color in to my mind so i just put on the eyeshadow by rainbow color, consist of blue, green, pink, yellow and a small lollipop at the side. it takes my some time to blend it smoother and add on the fushia pink matte lipstick. then I saw alot of girls are very creative with their idea. like it.

then we proceed to our refreshment with lots of sweet and candies! I am like back to childhood will all this! YUM YUM!

Time to annouce the Winner for CANDY MAKEUP CONTEST!
Congratulation to Kay

Congratulation to Charmaine

I dun expect I am one of the winner as I mentioned just now alot of girl are very creative.

so I jz snap photo at the back, and when Mabel called my name, I am shocked and surprised!
Thanks bloop & teams select me as one of the winner. 
each of the winner got ourself cash voucher worth RM100 to shoppin at HiShop fo bloop products! now is the time to think what's bloop products to buy from HiShop.
We are given a numbered candy & this is the purpose for CANDY DRAW!
Congratz to all the Winners.

you can purchase your bloop products at HiShop

Check out More about bloop products / info :

Photo Credit to Jennifer, HiShop & Bloop
As I don't bring along My Sony Pinky .

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