Hari Raya News : Avon’s Audela Damasse Home collection.

by - July 01, 2013

This Aidlfitri, turn your humble abode into a grand home that’s fit for royalty with Avon’s Audela Damasse Home collection. Linens, serving dishes and home accessories get the royal treatment with elegant local tastes fused with neo-European accents.

Inspired by the exclusive hand-woven French Damask patterns, the Audela Damasse, or Beyond Damask, promises a wholesome luxurious experience—be it from the inovative technologies used for weaves and storage solutions to the detailed damask richness of each item.    

For the linen collection, the classic French damask motif is given a local treatment with weaves ala ‘tekat songket’ on fabrics like faux silk and jacquard. The result? A vibrantly rich 360 home collection.  

The elegance of gold and copper tones resonates throughout your house with the range’s exclusively made crystal see-through canister series, thermal food containers and serving dishes…

 French inspired Linen Collection
The Audela Damasse linen collection consists of the Single Door Curtain, 2-Panel Window Curtain, 3-Panel Window Curtain, Cushion Cover, Table Runner, 2 Panel Kitchen Cafe Window Curtain, Rectangular Table Cloth (6-8pax) and Fridge Cover.

Made from a combination of french lace, faux silk and taffeta jacquard with tri-toned embroidery in gold, turquoise and brown makes your living room a prestigious backdrop for the best days of the year. These matching pieces create a journey of exquisite taste from your living room to the dining room and beyond.

The grandeur of the Crystal Canister Series
The Crystal Canister Series comes in sizes small, medium and large, as well a special 6-in-1 Series Gift Set (1 mini pump, 2 small, 2 medium & 2 large canisters).

It is equipped with the innovative Vacuumsaver Technology that makes each canister air-tight and liquid-tight. Simply secure the lid and use the mini pump to suck air out through the specially designed rubber gasket on top and voila! Food stays fresh and delicious for a longer period of time! Perfect for cookies, peanuts crunchy condiments and the likes. 

Exclusive Serving Dishes Series
The Serving Dish Series consists of the Cookie Canister (Set of 3), Jug & Tumblers with Lid Set (6 pax), Multi-Purpose Container and Multi Compartment Server.

We say the dishes maketh the food! These exclusive user-friendly dishes in pale and dark gold carry the same damask pattern as the rest of the collection for a resplendent collection that is highly affordable!

Convenient Thermal Series
The Thermal Series consists of the Vacuum Flask 1.3L, Thermal Casserole 2L and Thermal Casserole 3L. With an ergonomic, fashionable shapes, these thermal containers will surely wow your guests with its look and function.

Why limit it to your home? Bring home cooked dishes as you go visiting and delight your friends with fresh, warm food – like they just came out of the wok!

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