thelilacbox Special : Discover Yves Rocher

by - July 18, 2013

Mummy & I have a chance to discover more about yves rocher with thelilacbox last Saturday.
we went to Gardens lifestyle cafe at Sunway Pyramid and we are given a box and passport to explore Yves Rocher France, there are 5 station, photo booth, understand your skin, knows your scent, foundation matching

mummy and I have the same character for our scent which is romantic and feminine.
the description for romantic and  feminine :
you are romantic,dreamy and somewhat vain.
 Personal relationship are the most important to you.
You like flower, candy and walking by the sea.
Probably you had a Pink colour room in your childhood

even thought we have the character for scents. but we do not have the same perfume.
she like the Comme Une Evidence
mine is the Moment de Bonheur
I like the perfume at 1st smell. fruity and flower in between.

Photo credit from Rane

with this advance machine, you manage to check your skin from epidermis layer to dermis layer, 
How cool is it!!
guess How old is my mummy skin age ?
Yeap! she is 2 year younger than actual age!

Same goes to me too!
Same concern about UV spots & Spot.
whitening & anti-aging range for mummy.

hydrating & whitening range for me.

we went up to the yves rocher kiosk to look for suitable foundation by coverage, colour/shade, skin type.
yves rocher have 3 type of foudation which are Comfort cream foundation, flawless finish fluid foundation & matte fluid foundation. 

I got mine the Comfort cream foundation for y drier skin
Mummy got herself the flawless finish fluid foundation

photobooth Session is the kind a joyful that mummy holding the props and take pics , she look kinda shy, haha,

after we are been served a lunch at Garden's lifestyle cafe, kind a white romantic.
Q&A session makes us understand more about Yves Rocher, I won myself a plumpy lip color by answer a question.

Lucky Draw Time, the grand prizes worth RM500, as great and generous to all the consolation prize from Yves Rocher. lucky girl surrounding, but not me.

thanks thelilacbox given a chance to discover yves rocher more details and shopping more at yves rocher for natural and chemical free products

can't wait for next blind date with thelilacbox

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