Food Review - Kumamono @ Sungai Wang

by - March 04, 2014

 Can You related a Burger in a Bear Paw Shape?
Yes You can find it at Kumamono @ Sungai Wang.
The Location is right beside The Body Shop & Behind U Cafe!

 Cozy and relax Dinning Place
Great for Gathering & Dating maybe
Once Open , there are already customer waiting at the counter!
how nice is the bun, as you can guess!

Come Let ME teach you How to choose your Personalized Kumamono !

STEP 1 - Choose Your Kumobun

* Milk
* Brown Sugar
* Wholegrain
* Squid Ink

* Strawberry (Newly Launch)
* Yam (Newly Launch)STEP 2 - Choose Your Filling

* Spicy Chicken Chop
* Original Chicken Chop
* Cod Fish Fillet

* Japanese Octopus (Newly Launch)
* Veggies (Newly Launch)

STEP 3 - Choose Your Sauce
 This is are the 7 types of sauce to choose from for your Burger  :
*tartar sauce,
*honey mustard,
*thai chili sauce
* red chili sauce
*black pepper sauce
*lobster sauce
*nacho cheese sauce

Go visit their kioks and choose from~

 this is the miniature kumabun all the way from Taiwan which dedicated for ice-cream 
coming soon for sweet tooth girls like me!

How can this Awesome Kumamono Bun without drinks
  Drinks that in Value Set
Beary Berry Soda.
Passion Soda
Mango Q
 My Favorite Drinks
Beary Berry Soda!
Sparkling your palette! 

Cheesy Fries that in the SET 3.

 Group Photo of All Bloggers
 In Rush?
No Worries, there are kiosk for take away too!
 this Kumamono kiosk is just next to the Bulan Entrance
You still can dine in at 又一村/U Cafe if you are not in rush once you change your mind.

Which Once Should I Choose?
Oh! Let Me Know Which Is your favorite 熊鱼食 Kumamono Combination!

*p/s : wonder why same like another bear paw restaurant that selling similiar ?
yes both of them are from taiwan, you can spot few differences as stated:

* shape of the bun
(Bear Paw熊手包 - 3 paw)
(熊鱼食 Kumamono - 5 paw)

* shape of the paw
(Bear Paw熊手包 - triangle shape)
(熊鱼食 Kumamono - plum shape)

Check Out More Menu / Information / Contest @

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