Mitsubishi Electric Fan – A Breeze to Stay Cool

星期二, 一月 13, 2015

Why Mitsubishi Electric Fan?

enhanced product safety through the use of non-self-flammable materials & concealed motor, which prevents undesirable material from entering the motor and minimizes the possibility of accidents/fire

the motor, capacitor, lead wire, cord plug, 3-pig plug, closed and as wellas the printed circuit board (PCB) are made from materials with improved fire resistance.

every electric fan is equipped with two fuses to meet the 100% Mitsunishi Electric safety policy.
The current fuse stops the fan from operating when the current is exceeded, while the thermal fuse cuts of the electricity when the motor overheats.

Mitsubishi Electric offer 3 years motor warranty for long-lasting assurance, who doesn’t want a better quality products with longer warranty.

6 types of Mitsubishi electric fan available:
Living Fan
Tatami Fan
Cycle Fan
Desk Fan
Wall Fan
Ceiling Fan

As you can see how strong Is the fan to blow my hair like I am on high mountain!

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