Mitsubishi Ventilation Fan – Fresh Air for Life

by - January 14, 2015

Why Ventilation is so important?

* Upgraded air-tightness of buildings
To ensure fresh air to be replenish and supplied properly.

* Upgraded housing life
To satisfy the application and condition of your room.

* Increased heat source and waste gas
Fresh air is required by the combustion appliances.

* Popularization of cooling/heating
To improve and maintain the effect of cooling and heating operation at home.

* Increase high-rise residences
To supply durability against strong wind

What’s effect of ventilation?
* Ventilation
To supply fresh air to occupants and combustion of burning appliances.

* Deodorization
Provide odour-less air to general residences, restaurants or food stores.

* Dust removal
The sanitation of your room can be maintained

Prolong the life of humid places such as bathroom, ceiling, wall bathtub or hot water heater

* Room temperature Control
The room temperature can be uniformed and cooling/heating effect can be upgraded.

This is the 3 wall type ventilation fan:

we can build in for shop, office room, living room & kitchen
there is specially designed with an oil catcher that great for kitchen.
I found out from the event that is very easy to clean, remove, clean, and assembles back.

Why Mitsubishi Ventilation Fan?

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